Short Sales

If you are experiencing financial challenges in your life and are having a hard time paying for your mortgage, a short sale could be the solution that you’ve been looking for. At The Corcoran Connection we understand that you may be overwhelmed financially and are now unsure of what your next move. If you’re having trouble successfully paying your mortgage payments each month and you’re possibly facing foreclosure, The Corcoran Connection can help.

We understand Short Sales in the Central Florida Real Estate market, and realize that they can often be the best solution for getting your home over the finish line. You need someone you can trust to provide you with expert advice in achieving a successful short sale transaction, and you need it now! The Corcoran Connection is your local short sale specialist and has earned the respect of numerous families and individuals over the years who have utilized short sales to avoid possible foreclosure.

As an experienced team of licensed Central Florida real estate agents we are here to help you through the short sale process and to get you over the “short sale finish line.”

There is no better way to determine if you qualify for a short sale than to simply call The Corcoran Connection at 407-953-9118. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us with any questions you have about short sales and avoiding foreclosure. We welcome your phone call and are here to answer your questions. No question is too simple to ask – we want to help! 

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