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Professional Real Estate Photography In Saint Cloud FL

Let Captivating Images Do The Selling of Your Property With Professional Home & Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a type of commercial photography that has one main purpose: to sell property. Corcoran Connect offers this specialized service to our clients, as part of our marketing strategy to help close a deal. 

Photography for real estate requires both technical expertise and real estate marketing insight. We work with Florida’s top photographers to create a compelling visual narrative that highlights the best parts of your property.

Is residential real estate photography really necessary to sell a house?


The Florida real estate market is very competitive. As agents, we use the best possible strategies and maximize the latest technologies to make our clients, and their properties, stand out. Real estate photography is one of the main tools in our arsenal. 

Almost all the time, the search for a home begins online. Before getting into the details of any listing, potential buyers are hooked by the photos. This is our first, and often only, chance to capture and hold their attention. 

But it’s not just about the house itself. The images should be able to tell a story about what their life could look like in that home and in that community.

Therefore, we also incorporate real estate aerial photography with our services, wherever applicable. The bird’s eye view of the home and the area alone is an impressive feat. 

But more importantly, this allows us to highlight surrounding amenities like parks, playgrounds, beaches, and retail areas, among others. It also offers a different perspective on how the size and scale of the property. 

The Impact Of Good Real Estate Photography

  • High-quality photography gets foot traffic into homes. Some data suggests that 83% of buyers said pictures were an important factor in shortlisting which homes to visit. 
  • More than 30% of homes with great-quality photos sell faster than homes without visuals.
  • Homes that had more photos sell faster than those with just one photo. Remember, it’s all about the experience and the narrative you’re creating. One photo cannot capture the story of a home. 
  • Potential home buyers spend 60% of their time checking the visuals (vs only 20% reading the listing description).
  • Great photos made 68% of potential buyers want to visit the home. Home buyers are said to spend an average of 124 hours looking for a house, and with so many homes to look at, the quality of photos is a major deciding factor in the decision-making process.
  • They also increase the offer price on the home, with 47% receiving higher asking prices per square foot.
  • Listings with professionally taken photos earn a monumental increase in social media shares
  • Is aerial photography worth it? Statistics suggest yes – homes with aerial shots are said to sell 68% faster than those without

What To Look For In A Real Estate Photographer

  • Portfolio. As with any type of photographer, you must check their portfolio. Which of the properties they took photos of were sold? And how fast? You should also observe the different types of properties that they’ve had experience with. Do they specialize in a certain type of home? 
  • Impact. Imagine yourself as the buyer. Would you be captivated by their photos? Would you want to personally visit the home? You do not need to have a technical eye for photography. Real estate photography, from the view of buyers, is all about the emotional impact.
  • Drone shots. Not all photographers can offer real estate drone photography, so if this is a specific requirement for you, you should ask for samples. 
  • Vetted by agents. There is value in getting a real estate photographer through your agent or broker. If they have a pre-existing partnership, you could get a better deal. You can also be assured that the working relationship is seamless because the adjustment phase is over. They have established a tried and tested process to achieve shared goals for the client. 

When you work with us, we can connect you to top-notch photographers in the area who already know how to navigate the landscape to achieve the best shots. We work with them every step of the way to ensure that the outcome supports our ultimate goal: sell your property at a competitive price. 

Real Estate Photography Tips From Our Very Own Experts

Curious about how we do real estate photography? 

Here are some tips from our experts.

  • Prep the home. In real estate terms, this can also mean home staging. The general idea is to make sure the house is clean and orderly, without drastically altering how it looks (in such a way that it is unrecognizable in real life). 

A trick to add more depth and space to any home is to open the doors, including those that lead to outdoor areas (e.g., patio), if applicable. 

  • Be ready with a shot list. Any good photographer will walk around the property and the surrounding areas and prepare a shot list to maximize the time allotted for the shoot.  

If there is drone photography for the real estate property involved, it is important to check the weather forecast to see if that should go first or later, depending on when natural lighting and conditions are optimal. Extra time should also be allocated for a test run of the equipment. 

Using a drone for real estate photography does not change the basics of good photography. Composition, positive or negative space, and color are elements that are just as important in the air just as they are on the ground. The key is to balance the greater flexibility of movement and the reduced manual control of the equipment. 

  • Take head or shoulder-height photos. The idea is to replicate the view of walking through the property. It is also ideal to not shoot too wide because it can make the house look unrealistically bigger than it is. 

Work With The Best Real Estate Photographers

We’ve got the winning combo of top real estate professionals and the best real estate photographers in Central Florida.  

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