The Steps Of The Home Selling Process In Saint Cloud FL – Best Time To Sell House in Florida

The Steps Of The Selling Process

Here Are The 8 Steps Corcoran Connect Recommends You Follow When It Comes To The Home Selling Process In Saint Cloud Florida

Our trained and professional team is ready to help you through the entire home selling process. Let’s walk through the eight steps of selling your home. Corcoran Connect provides weekly data on the Saint Cloud housing market keeping you up to date so you can make intelligent decisions. Homes sell faster using our realtor services as we have a proven process that has been perfected over time.

STEP 1 – Finding the Right Realtor

Selling your home is one of the largest financial decisions a seller can make. Choosing the right Realtor and Company can make the difference in your having a positive and successful closing or having a stressful process to get to closing. Find a real estate agent that has good communication skills and uses techniques that you are comfortable with. Make sure they know the real estate market area, have experience, and will provide references.

STEP 2 – List your house

The listing agreement is a legal contract between you and the real estate broker. It not only establishes our relationship but has very specific information on your home including what items and/or appliances will be included or excluded in the sale. The biggest decision when listing your home is to determine the list price – one that is realistic yet competitive to your Saint Cloud, FL housing market area. Recent housing sales and comparable homes that are currently on the market will be considered before you decide on a list price for your home.

STEP 3 – Prep your house

Before your home in St. Cloud, FL is listed on the market, you’ll need to get your home in show-ready condition. Your home will have to look as close to a model home as you can. This means de-cluttering, removing personal items, deep cleaning, making small repairs, and even updating that bathroom you never got around too. But don’t worry, because I’ll guide you through this process and assist you with everything from repair suggestions to getting bids from contractors, painters, and landscapers, if necessary. Having your home staged to look like a model can mean the difference in whether your home will sell quickly or whether your home sits on the market.

STEP 4 – Advertising & Marketing

Once your home is prepped and staged, pictures and videos will be taken. High-resolution photos will be used for all printed materials. Our 25 Step Marketing Plan will be implemented to get the most exposure for your home.

Realtor Tips For Selling Homes in Saint Cloud By Jeanine Corcoran

STEP 5 – Open Houses

Open Houses are usually held over the weekend when there is more foot traffic. We’ll advertise your property’s open house on the internet. Directional signs will be used to attract cash buyers. Open houses typically last 3 hours and are a great opportunity to show off what your home has to offer to prospective buyers.

STEP 6 – Offers

When we get our first offer, terms and conditions will be discussed with you. Offers are generally presented in writing and include all the details and information about what the buyer is looking for. Offer price, closing date, items included and any other conditions or contingencies will be presented in the buyer’s offer. If you like the offer, you’ll accept it by signing the offer. Today, electronic signatures are acceptable and make it very convenient for today’s busy real estate agents and buyers. If you don’t like the offer, two other things can happen. 1) You can counter the buyer with a counteroffer or 2) you can decline the offer. Either way, we’re here to help you through that home selling process.

STEP 7 – Home Inspections and other Conditions

Often a buyer’s offer includes contingencies for things like home inspections and financing. Your contract will state inspection periods and financing deadlines. Once all conditions have been satisfied or waived, St. Cloud real estate agent and buyer can move to the closing deadline.

STEP 8 – Close

The fun part! The closing of the sale of your home is a formal process where all parties sign the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction. The traditional handing over the deed and keys while the buyer hands you a check is less common these days. In today’s market, a lot of Saint Cloud FL real estate agents and buyers sign remotely and are not always present together at the closing table. Either way, whether you choose to be at the closing table or do a mail away, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth closing!

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