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Welcome To Wellness Owner Dr. Renee Boccio Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Welcome To Wellness Owner Dr. Renee Boccio Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Jeanine Corcoran Interviews Welcome To Wellness Owner Dr. Renee Boccio

During the interview, Jeanine opened with an inquiry about Dr. Renee Boccio's extensive experience in the wellness industry on the St. Cloud FL business spotlight. With over two decades of expertise, Dr. Renee revealed her proud ownership of a health and wellness business. Notably, her journey began in New York, where she flourished for a remarkable 20 years before making a significant move to Saint Cloud, Florida, in December 2022.

Curiously, Jeanine acknowledged that Dr. Renee possesses an intriguing and inspiring tale about the origins of her business, urging her to divulge the details. With candor, Dr. Renee unveiled a poignant account of her youth, battling severe illnesses, chronic infections, and the burden of morbid obesity. In her quest for answers, she recounted how the solutions offered to her failed to resonate with her unique circumstances, propelling her towards a personal journey of discovery and transformation.

Video Podcast Of Dr. Renee Boccio Being Interviewed By Jeanine Corcoran

Embarking on a profound personal odyssey, Dr. Renee Boccio navigated a transformative path that led her from the depths of despair to a place of renewed health and vitality. The arduous journey enabled her to discover invaluable insights and remedies that worked effectively for her unique well-being.

Drawing from her own experiences of wounds, depression, sickness, and sorrow, she ingeniously transformed these challenges into a precious gift. Through this remarkable process, Dr. Renee not only gifted herself with a profound sense of healing but also channeled her newfound wisdom and expertise to tailor solutions for others, offering them a pathway to wellness and happiness.

Dr. Renee Boccio Shed 130 Pounds By Resolving Underlying Issues

In a remarkable tale of her health voyage, Dr. Renee accomplished an astonishing feat by shedding 130 pounds. Recalling the past, she vividly remembered how doctors would offer simple advice like "just lose weight" and "stop eating," which felt painfully obvious as she could clearly see her own reflection in the mirror. However, Dr. Renee highlighted that what truly made a difference was the absence of genuine concern and in-depth conversations to unravel the underlying issues.

No one had ever taken the time to engage with her, talk through her challenges, and delve into the root causes of her struggles, a crucial aspect that eventually proved pivotal on her journey to transformation.

Curious to learn more about Dr. Renee, Jeanine probed her to share further insights into her background. With enthusiasm, Dr. Renee unveiled her intriguing origins, revealing that she was born and raised in the vibrant city of Brooklyn, New York. Proudly of Ukrainian descent, she found herself drawn to the allure of Saint Cloud, Florida, where she relocated in 2022. Her family's move to the Melbourne, FL area had already set the stage for her journey, and when the challenging times of Covid struck, Dr. Renee decided to prioritize the closeness to her loved ones, ultimately leading her to the heartwarming decision to settle in St. Cloud.

Welcome To Wellness Was Established In December 2022 In Saint Cloud FL

In the heart of St. Cloud, Florida, Dr. Renee established a thriving health and wellness haven known as "Welcome to Wellness." With candor, she admitted that while she might not be the biggest fan of working out, she wholeheartedly comprehends its significance for overall well-being. Besides her professional pursuits, Dr. Renee finds immense joy in the company of animals, and her compassionate nature drives her to take pleasure in helping people through her work.

Revealing her deepest motivation, Dr. Renee shared that her profession is, in fact, her true passion, making every endeavor a labor of love rather than an arduous task. And when it comes to her personal life, nothing brings her more happiness than spending quality time with her husband.

Following the conversation, Jeanine's curiosity led her to inquire about the array of services available to clients at "Welcome To Wellness." Eager to share, Dr. Renee revealed herself as a chiropractor with a distinctive approach, emphasizing that her methods do not involve any cracking. Instead, her expertise centers around working with the body and the nervous system to provide much-needed relief to individuals grappling with pain. With a clear sense of purpose, Dr. Renee emphasized her focus on the nervous system, recognizing its pivotal role in achieving overall wellness for her clients.

Dr. Renee Highlights The Two Distinct Parts Of The Nervous System

With great clarity, Dr. Renee unveiled a fascinating aspect of the nervous system, highlighting its two distinct parts. One facet, the "fight or flight" response, empowers individuals to hustle and accomplish tasks with vigor. The other aspect acts like a "brake pedal," promoting rest and digest functionalities. It exerts influence over essential bodily functions, such as breathing, digestion, muscle healing, and post-activity recovery. Surprisingly, even those with a seemingly calm demeanor might be unaware that their nervous system could be operating on edge, which further underscores the importance of understanding and nurturing this crucial aspect of our well-being.

With keen observations, Dr. Renee highlighted a recurring phenomenon among numerous children, especially those displaying symptoms of ADD. She noticed that many of these children exhibit hyperactive nervous systems, and her expertise lies in harmonizing these imbalances. A distinct feature of her approach is steering clear of spine manipulation and the typical cracking sound associated with chiropractic treatments. This alternative method, aptly labeled as chiropractic without the crack, revolves around muscle work and addressing tension to restore the body's equilibrium effectively.

Dr. Renee also does Functional medicine and does blood testing, stool testing, hormone testing to help find out what is the root cause of people’s symptoms. She is not a symptom chaser as that is a hard road.

Saint Cloud Florida Offers A Slower Pace Of Living

Jeanine asked Dr. Renee about her experience living in Saint Cloud.  She said she loves living in Saint Cloud. She loves the slower pace of Saint Cloud compared to New York. She said people are so friendly here. Dr. Renee said she has noticed on a professional level that the people who come to see her say that they need more and want more from their healthcare.

Dr. Renee listens to her patients. Many of them comment that that aren’t heard from their medical doctors and none of them take the time to get to the root cause. She said that it is her honor to help them in their journey to heal.

The Lakeshore In St. Cloud Offers A Little Bit Of Everything

Jeanine asked Dr. Renee what she might say to someone who is considering moving to Saint Cloud Florida? She said that this area is flourishing and there is so much grow happening. What she loves most about this community is the small town feel and she really appreciates it. The reason why is because the people who live here genuinely care about other people. They are always trying to help and not every place in Florida has that.

Jeanine asked her what one place she would tell people who may be visiting that they must go to and check out. Dr. Renee said the Lakeshore as it has a little bit of everything. The outdoor seating, the view of the Lake, the working out, the restaurants, it has it all. She thinks that is a little piece of heaven in St. Cloud.

Jeanine asked Dr. Renee how people can reach her, here are her channels.

Dr. Renee Boccio
Facebook - welcometowellnessinc
Instagram – @welcometoyourwellness
Website –

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing Welcome To Wellness owner Dr. Renee Boccio who is our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight. We will continue to highlight local business owners in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast.

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