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Debra Gaskill Author Of Single & Sublime Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Debra Gaskill Author Of Single & Sublime Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Debra Gaskill Author of Single & Sublime is Interviewed By Jeanine Corcoran As July’s Business Spotlight

Jeanine asked Debra how long she has been an Author. She said she has been writing since college and that it has always been a passion of hers. Debra said she also journals on a daily basis and can look up anything that had happened in her past. She said she has always blogged and had a newsletter from time to time.

Debra said that finally last year she sat down and wrote her first book. Her first book is titled “Healing From Heaven”. She said the tagline is “the same medicine that gets you healed, keeps you healed”. Debra stated that this is a faith-based book. The reason she wrote is because she has had different illnesses and sicknesses that have cropped up. If she had not had divine intervention, she would not be sitting here with Jeanine today doing this interview.

Video Podcast Where Debra Gaskill Is Interviewed By Jeanine Corcoran

Debra expressed to Jeanine that sometimes a doctor can only take you so far. She stated that she is a strong proponent of the Bible and there is so much that teaches us that God wants us well. Jeanine agreed. Debra said there is no sickness in Heaven, and it is God’s desire that there be no sickness on Earth. Healing From Heaven is 8 modern-day parables of times when Debra was handed a very negative report and how she came out of them each time.

Now, both Jeanine and Debra moved to her most recent publication which came out at the beginning of June, “Single & Sublime”. It’s about healing the past, making wise choices, and living a beautiful life. Debra said she often asks people if they have ever made a bad relationship choice. She said most people respond and say of course I have.

Debra said there is a thing about making a bad relationship choice and then there’s a thing about making another one, and another one, and before you know it your life has been derailed for decades. She talks about even “A List” actresses who can date anybody they want and have millions of dollars have to go back into their past and ask why they keep dating the wrong guy, why do I keep marrying the wrong person and why do I keep going into the same type of unhealthy relationship.

Debra Shared How She Is Committed To Getting The Word Of God Out Everyone

Debra said after a long-term marriage and a long-term relationship that was unhealthy, she was the common denominator she asked herself what happened here and had to go back to her childhood to figure it out.

Jeanine then asked Debra to tell the audience a little bit more about herself. She said she is a very passionate person who is consumed with getting the word of God out there. Debra is a Bible teacher and has been a missionary and she has lived overseas and taught in Bible schools before.

Debra believes that people should not struggle through life having to go from one crisis to another. She said that the Bible is very clear that Jesus came so we could have an abundant life. She said that most of her passion is taking the word of God and making it applicable to the situations people find themselves in today.

Debra’s desire is to bring the word of hope, encouragement, and healing, and to help people live a more productive and abundant life. Jeanine added that you can’t do it without faith and Debra agreed that is the first step.

Jeanine then asked Debra how long she has lived in St. Cloud and why did she move there. Debra said all in all, she has lived here in St. Cloud for about 16 years. She had lived here for 4 years, moved away, and then came back and has lived here for another 12 years now so 16 total years.

How Debra Gaskill Thinks About Saint Cloud Florida

Jeanine asked Debra what people should consider for those thinking of moving to Saint Cloud, Florida. She said I look at St. Cloud like a hub. Within it, you have some of the old and then you have some of the new. You have all the small businesses and then you have Hobby Lobby where Debra said sometimes, she thinks she single handily keeps them in business. Debra said there are now some big box stores in town. She feels St. Cloud is a nucleus where we are so close to everything. She loves the fact that she is only 39 miles from the beach.

Jeanine asked Debra what businesses or restaurants she would recommend for people who are either visiting or moving here. Debra said Fitness CF is a fantastic fitness center. She said if you are interested in taking care of your body, that gym has a variety of machines, classes, and programs that you can become involved in. Some of them are even broken down by age.

Debra said her book is available in either paperback or Ebook on Amazon and it is also available at Barnes & Noble and Google Books.

Jeanine asked Debra how people can reach her, here are her channels.

Debra Gaskill
Facebook - gaskilldebra
Instagram – debralynngaskill
Youtube - @debragaskill
Website –

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing the Author Debra Gaskill as our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight. We will continue to highlight local business owners in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast.

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