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Rodeo Day In Kissimmee Florida 2023

Rodeo Day In Kissimmee Florida 2023

Rodeo Day In Kissimmee Florida Is Hosted By The Silver Spurs Rodeo And Arena

Rodeo Day in Kissimmee FL 2023 is the biggest part of the Osceola County Fair happening February 10th – 19th. Jeanine Corcoran, the broker of Corcoran Connect, a reputable real estate company, will be joined by Kristin Macari, owner of Studio Nine 13, as they delve into the significance and background of Rodeo Day.

Jeanine and Kristin said that they were taking a week off due to Jeanine’s daughter and Kristin’s sister’s wedding. They both said it made for the perfect timing to replay the 10th episode of the Discover St. Cloud Florida podcast where the focus was the Osceola County Fair and Rodeo Day in Kissimmee FL.

Video Podcast Reviewing The Rodeo Day In Kissimmee FL

It is important to note that the dates given in the 10th episode were from the event held in February 2022. The correct dates for the 2023 Osceola County Fair are February 10th – 19th. Rodeo Day will start on Friday, Feb. 17th, and go through the 19th.

According to Jeanine, Rodeo Day is a highly anticipated event and one of her favorite times of the year. Kristin, curious to learn more, asked Jeanine to elaborate on the meaning and purpose of Rodeo Day. Jeanine enthusiastically explained that in Osceola County, Rodeo Day is a major celebration and draws significant attention. The Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee Florida is where this exciting event takes place. It is conveniently situated close to the border of St. Cloud.

Kids In Osceola County Get Rodeo Day Off From School

Every year, the kids are given a day off for Rodeo Day as the entire town's focus shifts towards the rodeo. The fair is organized around Rodeo Day, with festivities taking place both before and after the main event. The rodeo officially begins on Friday, February 17th and that is the night that Jeanine never misses.

Kristin queried Jeanine about the origin and history of Rodeo Day. Jeanine responded by acknowledging that for outsiders, the decision to give students a day off for Rodeo Day instead of Presidents Day might seem strange. However, she emphasized that Rodeo Day is an integral part of the cultural fabric of Osceola County, Florida.

Kristin recounted her personal experience with learning about Rodeo Day from longtime locals. They shared with her that when the rodeo was in town, so many kids would skip school to attend the event. It was said that at some point, the Osceola County school board came to the realization that if they couldn't prevent the students from skipping school, they might as well embrace it. And so, the tradition of Rodeo Day as a holiday in Osceola County, Florida was established.

According to Jeanine, the roots of Rodeo Day can be traced back to 1953. The mid-winter rodeo, which first took place in 1951, is still held annually in the same location. The facility, which has undergone multiple renovations and upgrades over the years, is now known as the Silver Spurs Arena.

Opening Night For The Rodeo Is Exciting And Features Bull Riding And Square Dancing

Jeanine revealed that during the opening night of Rodeo Day, there is square dancing - both on foot and on horseback. The arena is opened to the kids, where hundreds of them can be found chasing after calves with little ribbons tied to their tails.

According to Kristin, it is remarkable that the traditions surrounding Rodeo Day continue to be upheld, as it reflects the foundation of Osceola County. She has friends in the livestock industry who bring their animals to the fair for show. Kristin appreciates that the school system recognizes the importance of Rodeo Day and the enjoyment it brings to the kids.

According to Jeanine, her co-host Kristin used to ride horses when she was growing up. Jeanine herself is a fan of bull riding and cites it as her favorite event at the rodeo. She recounted a charming story of when she was dating her now-husband, Bill. When they would ask each other what they liked to do for fun, Bill would respond by saying that he went to the races in January, and Jeanine would reply by saying that she goes to the rodeo in February. Bill was initially taken aback, but over time, he grew to love it as well and now they attend the rodeo together.

Rodeo Day in Osceola County Florida Attracts Enthusiasts And Spectators From Across The US

Kristin noted that the fair, which takes place in the week leading up to the rodeo, is a huge hit with the kids. The fair runs for an entire week and offers various specials for different nights, such as discounted tickets or discounts for groups who arrive in one car. It's a lot of fun for the kids and has become a cherished tradition over time.

Rodeo enthusiasts and spectators come from across the United States to participate and attend the rodeo event in Osceola County Florida. The students have a day off from school on Friday, February 17th, which is officially recognized as Rodeo Day.

Kristin said it's a must-attend event for anyone new to the St. Cloud or Osceola County area. According to Jeanine, the rodeo is a blast, with fantastic music to boot. She added that one should come fully prepared with a cowboy hat and boots, ready to have a good time.

We hope you found Jeanine and Kristin's insights on Rodeo Day in Osceola County, Florida informative and entertaining. At St. Cloud, we strive to keep you in the loop about all the exciting events and activities happening in the area, so you can make the most of your time and have a blast, including the rodeo!

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