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OG Fitness Owner Keilah Rios Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

OG Fitness Owner Keilah Rios Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

OG Fitness Owner Keilah Rios Is Our Featured St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight In January

Jeanine Corcoran, broker of Corcoran Connect visits Keilah Rios of OG Fitness in the 47th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida. Jeanine started off the podcast by talking about how she signed up for fitness classes with Keilah Rios. She said she started on a Friday and as of the following Tuesday, she could barely walk lol...

Jeanine stated she will be going to fitness classes 3 days a week. Kristin said she started her new year’s resolution early. Jeanine admitted that she did and added that she hopes she makes it through the month of January.

Kristin admitted that she had put on weight because of the pandemic and needed to make fitness more of a focus in 2023. She was thinking back to 2019 which was when she was in good shape and wanted to get back to that level. Kristin said she visited Keilah’s new facility and thought it was fantastic. Thinks Keilah is an awesome trainer. Kristin said she had filmed a few projects there in her training facility.

Kristin said if she could find the motivation to go that would be great, but she said to Jeanine, you have the motivation to go. Jeanine said, yes, she does but only because there is a wedding coming up.

Video Podcast Of Jeanine Interviewing Keilah Rios The Owner Of OG Fitness In St. Cloud FL

Jeanine started the interview by asking Keilah her name and the name of her business and what she does. Keilah replied that her name is Keilah Rios, and the name of her business is OG Fitness located in Saint Cloud Florida.  She said she is a personal trainer and OG Fitness is a personal training facility. They specialize in personal training, small group classes, and semi-private sessions as well.

Keilah was just asked how long she had been in business. She replied that she has been a personal trainer in Saint Cloud for almost 9 years. Keilah said that OG Fitness opened in 2020 and is located at 2012 Jaffa Dr #110 in St. Cloud Florida 34771.

Jeanine then asked Keilah if she could demonstrate some of the exercises that Jeanine would be doing as a member of OG Fitness. She said most trainers would have you demonstrate an exercise but since our specialty is focused on mobility training as we want our members to feel better, I will demonstrate a mobility move instead.

Keilah said she was going to demonstrate what is called a prayer stretch. She said this is a good exercise for someone who sits at a desk. When you’re sitting at a desk, your arms are down by your side, and you don’t get the opportunity to use a full range of motion. The prayer stretch helps to open things up and realign your posture.

Keilah Recommends Visiting Downtown Saint Cloud FL For Anyone Visiting For The First Time

Jeanine asked Keilah from someone who knows nothing about Saint Cloud what would you recommend either than your gym of course? She answered the downtown area of Saint Cloud. Keilah said there are a lot of small businesses in the downtown area, and she is a big supporter of local businesses.

Jeanine asked her how people can find her and OG Fitness. Keilah said everything for OG Fitness could be found using the handle @OGFitnessFL. That is for our Facebook page, Instagram, and our website.

Kristin said it is a perfect time to get back in shape as we just celebrated the new year. Jeanine said to go check OG Fitness out and see the facility for yourself. Kristin added that she has always done better with classes than just going to the gym on her own. She is competitive when she is around other people.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing OG Fitness owner Keilah Rios who was our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight this month. We will continue to make this a monthly focus for local business owners in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast. Here are all ways to get in touch with Keilah and OG Fitness.

OG Fitness Owner Keilah Rios
2012 Jaffa Dr #110 St. Cloud, Florida 34771

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