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Honoring Our Veterans With Corcoran Connect In Saint Cloud Florida

Honoring Our Veterans With Corcoran Connect In Saint Cloud Florida

Honoring Our Veterans With Corcoran Connect In Saint Cloud Florida Was Our Focus In November

Jeanine Corcoran, the broker of Corcoran Connect felt Veterans were getting left out in November. So, Corcoran Connect ran a contest to highlight and honor our Veterans locally. She is joined by her co-host Kristin Macari, owner of Studio Nine 13 in episode 42 of Discover St. Cloud Florida. They will announce all the Veterans that were nominated and of course the winners.

Kristin said they wanted to share all the nominations that were submitted with their stories and why they felt they were deserving. Jeanine is going to kick off listing all the nominees, but she first wanted to say thank you to all Veterans. We do appreciate your service whether you are serving now or in the past. Jeanine said her dad was in the Navy and served in World War II

Video Podcast Honoring Our Veterans Here In St. Cloud FL With Jeanine Corcoran

Jeanine stated that she feels like all the Veterans get left out in the month of November with so much going on. She said there was even more going on with the recent hurricane that came through Florida. Add in the elections and voting and of course the Thanksgiving Holiday and it leaves little time to focus on honoring our Veterans.

Kristin added that Veteran’s Day is between Halloween and Thanksgiving so there is a lot going on. She agreed and felt like the Veteran’s often get overlooked. Kristin asked Jeanine what the contest for the Veteran’s was about.

Nominating A Veteran For Their Service

Jeanine said the contest details were that anyone could nominate a Veteran and they would have to write in three sentences or less about why they think their Veteran should be nominated as well as share a photo of them.

The prizes were $100 in cash for first place, a $75 Amazon gift card for 2nd place, and a $50 Publix gift card for third place. Kristin said the prizes were cool and timely heading into the holidays. Jeanine said she reached out to the VFW, and they were a big help.

Here is the list of Veterans that were nominated in November 2022.

Jeanine started with Sephora M. who nominated Rafael Moreno a US Army Veteran. Sephora said he was a great soldier and dedicated to his family. She said he loved to serve others and served 25 years in the Army. He dedicated his life so we could have freedom. He is an awesome husband and an awesome daddy.

Kristin then announced the next Veteran. Kathy Champion nominated SFC Champion Army Drill Sergeant who is currently stationed at Fort Wainwright in Alaska. She said he had 2 tours in Afghanistan, has been an Army Drill Sergeant and instructor at the Calvary Leaders Course, and is currently holding a First Sergeant position with the 11th division. His father and mother both served in the US Army. Cathy is very proud of her son for following their family's patriotic service to our country.

Korean War Veterans Honored Locally In Saint Cloud FL

Mary Lane nominated Bob Lane a US Air Force Veteran. Mary said Bob served his country for 24 years in the Air Force, including a year in Vietnam. As an aircraft maintenance officer, he was frequently deployed during exercises, IG inspections, and sadly aircraft accident investigations. Bob is a great husband and father to his 7 children. When we lost our daughter Amanda, together we dedicated our lives to helping other bereaved parents where Bob is now on the Board of Directors for The Compassionate Friends.

Tray M. nominates his father who served in the Navy during the Korean War, Kristin stated. Tray said years later his father paid the ultimate price with Mesothelioma. Right till the end his father was a proud Veteran and would do anything for his country.

Jeanine then gave the next nomination. Linda Allington nominated her husband Jim Allington an Air force Veteran. Jim served in the Air Force during the Korean War as an air traffic controller. He is very proud to have served his country. Jim continues to be active in veterans’ groups. He is especially proud of his two granddaughters. Keelyn graduated from the Air Force Academy last May and is going to pilot school. Shannon will graduate from the Air Force Academy in May of 2023.

Kristin said it was time to announce the winners and that there was a tie for 3rd place. So, the first of the two 3rd place winners was George Nichols, an Air Force Veteran who was nominated by Julie W. George’s daughter. Julie said her dad has been the most dedicated husband, father, and Pop Pop to the entire family. She said he has retired 3 times in his working career, and he still stays active volunteering at the hospital he retired twice from. He proudly served in the Air Force as a medevac nurse and in the Indiana National Guard. Julie said her dad is the best and has had to put up with her shenanigans for a long time.

Jason Weber A US Marine Takes 1st Place In Honoring Our Veterans Contest

Jeanine wanted it to be made known that she didn’t have a part in voting for the winners. She said she couldn’t because there were so many people she knows that were nominated. She gave the nominees to her agents whom she knew didn’t know the nominees personally so there would be bias. Jeanine wanted people to know how the voting happened. She said everyone is a winner in her book.

The second 3rd place winner was Derek Butler. Derek was nominated by Kristina Butler who is her husband. She said he is an amazing father and a loving husband. She said he loves to volunteer when he can due to his service-connected disabilities for Freedom Fighter Outdoors.

Kristin said Deanna Whitis nominated Tech SGT E-6 E. Whitis, Air Force Veteran who won 2nd place. Deanna said her dad has always inspired her and that he served in the Air Force during Vietnam. She said he enjoyed serving his country so much that he continued to serve and assist people by working and eventually retiring from local law enforcement.

Jeanine then announced the first-place winner Jason Weber a US Marine. Jason was nominated by his wife Joanne Weber. She said he is an amazing husband and father of three young men. She said he now works for the VA. He has lived his life serving others. Joanne said that she is proud to be his wife and is honored to call him her husband.

Why Was November 11th Chosen As Veterans Day?

Jeanine asked why they picked November 11th to celebrate Veterans Day. Kristin went to work and looked it up. Here is the reason they chose November 11th. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 World War I came to an end after 4 brutal years of fighting. One year later America dedicated November 11th as Armistice Day to celebrate the peace and the veterans who fought to make the world a safer place.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin discussing honoring our Veterans with Corcoran Connect in Saint Cloud Florida in November 2022. Jeanine and Kristin again wanted to thank all Veterans for their service, for their protection of our country, for our freedom, and for everything they have done for us. Kristin said it is truly the ultimate sacrifice to serve your country, so thank you!

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