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Askew Jewelers Owner Dave Askew Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Askew Jewelers Owner Dave Askew Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

Askew Jewelers Owner Dave Askew is The Focus Of Our Business Spotlight In Saint Cloud FL

Jeanine Corcoran broker of Corcoran Connect interviews Dave Askew in this month’s episode. Welcome to the 40th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida. Kristin asked Jeanine which local business owner in Saint Cloud FL she spoke with for this month’s featured business spotlight and Jeanine said it is Dave Askew owner of Askew Jewelers.

Jeanine started by asking Dave how long he has lived in Saint Cloud and how long has Askew Jewelers been in business. Dave replied that he moved to Florida in 1988 and then to Saint Cloud in 2005. He said he opened the jewelry store in March 2009.

Video Podcast Of Jeanine’s Interview With Dave Askew Of Askew Jewelers

Jeanine then followed up and asked Dave how he got started in the jewelry business. Dave said he was running the Indianapolis Zoo as Director of Park Operations. He was there on a two-year contract and had another child and to him, family is more important, so he became a Mr. Mom. He raised his 3 kids with his wife.

Dave said his wife’s family owns a jewelry store called Settle Jewelry in Bloomington Indiana. He said he started to poke around in their store and the next thing you know he found himself polishing rings and sizing rings and learning to do various things in the store.

Served As Apprentice To A Bench Jeweler For 3 Years

Jeanine said so you become an apprentice. Dave replied that he did become an apprentice for 3 years under a woman named Joan Howell who was a bench jeweler which was very rare. He learned a lot from working with her in the jewelry business.

Jeanine asked Dave to explain the Askew Jewelry special process. Dave said they are a jewelry store, and they sell a lot of jewelry. They have premade stuff, and they also make custom jewelry. The people who purchase custom jewelry don’t really understand so that’s why he was explaining the process to Jeanine.

Dave gave an example of the custom process, somebody brings in a stone and they want something special to be made with it. Dave said a person brought in a stone, it was their grandmother’s and they wanted a cross made with it. He designed the look on the computer, and we put a bunch of diamonds with it once the customer approves that look Dave prints a wax example of the piece.

He then covered the process of how the piece is made starting with the wax and going through the heating process and finally with the injection of gold, silver, platinum, or whatever the customer had chosen. It is quite amazing.

Askew Jewelers Is Known For Their Custom Jewelry Design Work

Jeanine stated that there aren’t many jewelers like Askew Jewelers left, are there? Dave agreed and that is what he loves to do make custom jewelry by hand. Technology has made it much more efficient. Dave said they have a great team at his store including his wife who joined him there two years ago after retiring as a schoolteacher for 27 years.

Jeanine then asked Dave what his best-selling product is in the store. Dave answered that most people come here with something unique that they want to be set. You can’t buy it from a store or a catalog, so they go to Dave to have it made custom.

Jeanine asked Dave, aside from recommending his store, what is the one thing someone must do when they come to Saint Cloud Florida? Dave said you must come to downtown Saint Cloud. He said the downtown area has unique shops that you won’t find anywhere else. Dave said he doesn’t leave St. Cloud much because he finds what he needs right here.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing Askew Jewelers owner Dave Askew as our featured St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight this month. This will continue to be a monthly focus for local business owners in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast.

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