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You Go Pro Baseball Owner John Madden Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

You Go Pro Baseball Owner John Madden Is Our St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight

You Go Pro Baseball Owner John Madden Is The Featured St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight This Month

Kristin asked Jeanine which local business owner in Saint Cloud FL she spoke with for this month’s business spotlight and Jeanine replied that it is her son, John Madden owner of You Go Pro Baseball in Saint Cloud FL.

John Madden is also Kristin Macari’s brother, both are Jeanine Corcoran’s children. John will be the focus of the 38th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida hosted by Jeanine and Kristin.

Kristin stated that John, her brother is a former professional baseball player. She said John created his Youtube channel in 2008 and was one of the first baseball instructional channels and was number one on Youtube for a very long time.

Video Podcast Of Jeanine Interviewing Her Son John Madden Owner Of You Go Pro Baseball In St. Cloud FL

Kristin added that her brother was the reason that they created their content creators’ packages. This is where she and her husband would film a ton of content in one day. They would change outfits and backgrounds and end up with months of content from that one day of filming.

Jeanine started the interview by asking John how he got started in his business. John replied that he played baseball for a long time. He went to Auburn University and was drafted by the San Diego Padres who then traded him to the New York Mets.

John then went on to start a baseball business and started training kids here locally in Saint Cloud Florida. He said that evolved into him selling baseball training equipment online and that is what he does now.

Jeanine asked John what his website is, and he replied She asked what social media channels he is on, and he said he is on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and now Tik Tok. John has a large following on his Youtube channel and has hundreds of instructional baseball videos for all to view and benefit from.

She then asked John how long he has owned his business. John replied that he started training kids in 2009 and it evolved into what he is doing now which is selling baseball training equipment online.

John Madden Is A Former Professional Baseball Player And Now Business Owner In Saint Cloud FL

Jeanine then asked John to let everyone know who John Madden is. He said he is a former professional baseball player and is now a local business owner here in Saint Cloud, FL. He said he was born in Osceola County Florida and was raised in Poinciana and has lived in Central Florida since 1987.

Jeanine asked him about his family. John said his mom, Jeanine, his sister Kristin, his 6-year-old son, and his wife. She then asked her son what his top-selling product or item is on his website. He replied that he sells these cool mini whiffle ball machines and they shoot out whiffle balls.

He said you can catch them with the web gloves that he sells, or you can hit them with a skinny barrel bat. These are great for young players who want to work on their hand and eye coordination. He said that even MLB players use these machines for training. John said it is a fun, safe and effective training tool.

Jeanine then asked John where he would tell a person to go who is new to Saint Cloud. John said to check out The Lakes. He said we have what’s called the Chain of Lakes. He continued that the lake right behind them, called Center Lake, where they were filming is connected to 6 other lakes.

The Chain Of Lakes In St. Cloud FL Offers Fishing, Boating, And Swimming

If you like fishing, boating, and hanging out, this is the place. There is a sand bar and a couple of rope swings to enjoy. John said there are alligators here however, we still swim in the lakes and just keep an eye out for them.

Jeanine asked John if he was involved in Saint Cloud with little league baseball. He said he was and currently coaches his sons’ team. His son played a few seasons of tee ball and now plays coach pitch which caters to 6–8-year old’s. John said he used to train guys privately but now it is just his son and his son’s friends. Jeanine asked him where they play, and John said in Saint Cloud on 17th Street.

Jeanine then asked John how he got started in his business. John said way back when he had a Blackberry and it used to blow his mind how he could get email on his Blackberry. He saw where the internet was going and remembers seeing a commercial for GoDaddy and wondered what that was all about.

John then bought a domain GoDaddy and started researching how to build a website and create an online presence. He then created a Youtube channel and was the instructional baseball guy on Youtube. He said he has over 260K subscribers now and growing. John said his social media channels have been a real asset to his business.

How John Madden Got His Major League Baseball Career Started

Jeanine then asked him to tell everyone how he got his start in baseball and eventually was drafted into the major leagues. John stated that he started playing tee ball in 1987. He said his mom said he wasn’t allowed to quit so he kept playing and getting better. Eventually, John got a college scholarship to Auburn University. He was then drafted by the San Diego Padres and traded to the New York Mets.

John said he had a lot of fun and learned a lot. When he was finished with his major league career, he wanted to share his knowledge and experience with some of the younger players, and amateur players and started training players locally. He said a lot of the kids he was training back then were 9-10 years old and they are all playing college baseball right now which is cool.

John said he doesn’t do local training anymore, but he does coach his son’s little league team in Saint Cloud. You can find a wide variety of baseball training machines, tools, and programs on his website and watch hundreds of Youtube instructional baseball training videos on his channel.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing You Go Pro Baseball Owner John Madden as our featured St. Cloud FL Business Spotlight this month. This will continue to be a monthly focus for local business owners in Saint Cloud Florida on our podcast.

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