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American Health & Life Group Is Our St. Cloud Florida Local Business Spotlight

American Health & Life Group Is Our St. Cloud Florida Local Business Spotlight

St. Cloud FL Local Business Spotlight Is On American Health & Life Group Owned By Kim Kirsch

American Health & Life Group is proud to partner with the Healthcare Solutions Team. Jeanine Corcoran broker of Corcoran Connect interviews Kim Kirsch in this month’s episode as her company is our St. Cloud Florida local business spotlight for this month. Welcome to the 21st episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida.

Jeanine and Kristin were chatting prior to Jeanine’s interview with Kim and saying how American Health & Life Group can sell insurance from numerous insurance carriers and build you a plan that fits you perfectly as a result.

Jeanine started the interview by asking Kim to introduce her company. She said her company name is American Health & Life Group and we are proud partners with Healthcare Solutions Team. Jeanine followed up and asked Kim how long she has owned her business? Kim replied that it has been five years since she started her business.

Jeanine then asked why did she decide to start her business and chose insurance as her niche? Kim said that she was a writer and helped online businesses develop content that made them money. She wanted to try something different and picked insurance as she is able to help people on a daily basis who are in need of quality insurance.

Jeanine is a client of Kim’s. Kim helped her with a policy that was perfect for her. Jeanine complimented Kim and stated that you will not be pushed by Kim. She will build the perfect plan for your and your family’s needs.

Who Is The Founder Of American Health & Life Group?

Kim said she has no problem telling people if they choose or have a current plan that is not right for them. She said people will get the truth about their current plan and where they need to be.

Jeanine asked Kim to let people know who she is if they are not familiar with her already in the community. Kim said that she is first and foremost a Christian, a mother, a wife, and now a new grandmother. She does her best to be a great friend and also a good neighbor. Kim added that she loves the community in St. Cloud and being involved in everything she possibly can.

Jeanine then asked Kim what product sells best for her and why? Kim replied that her most popular product is the plan enhancer. She explained that this is an add-on product and can go with any kind of insurance that you have. It works with any plan.

She continued and said if you are in an accident and go to the hospital and are there overnight, the plan enhancer will cover your deductible. If someone is diagnosed with a stroke, heart attack, or cancer this add-on plan will pay for your deductible.

If by chance your deductible has been met, then you are given what the policy was originally written for whether it be $5,000 or $10,000. The client's max out of pocket will be taken care of by the plan enhancer.

American Health & Life Group Offers Free Policy Reviews For St. Cloud Residents

Jeanine shifted gears to the St. Cloud community. She asked Kim how she uniquely serves St. Cloud and the people who live there? Kim stated that she can uniquely serve the Saint Cloud community by offering free policy reviews. As a broker, she is not tied to just one company. She can search for everything that is available and find the absolute best plan and price point that fits your budget.

Jeanine asked Kim about other things that she has done in the past that have worked well for people. Kim said that being a broker allows her to pick and choose different events that she wants to be a part of in the community. Kim has sponsored things in Harmony Middle School and sponsored things in St. Cloud.

Kim shared that during the lockdown in 2020, she connected with Jennifer Abramson who is the community director for Harmony, and they created the “Anti-Social Ice Cream Social”. Kim and Jennifer went on Facebook and told everybody what the date was and how to place their order for their ice cream sundaes and where to pick them up on that date. All of this for every family was free. Kim said she will always remember that event. It melted her heart to see so many people so excited and happy.

Why Is St. Cloud Florida Such An Attractive Community To Live In?

Kim was asked by Jeanine what she would say to someone who was considering moving to St. Cloud Florida?  She quickly replied, call Jeanine, and laughed. Kim said there is a lot to enjoy in St. Cloud that people don’t even think of. Take time and explore this wonderful community.

What is one place to visit or check out in St. Cloud that you would recommend for people Jeanine asked? Kim said downtown St. Cloud Florida without a doubt. She said they have wonderful little shops and unique restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else.

She said her and her husband love this about Saint Cloud because they are not chain restaurant type of people. She likes the mom-and-pop places and the unique atmosphere that downtown Saint Cloud has to offer.

Jeanine thanked Kim and her company American Health & Life Group for being a part of the St. Cloud FL local business spotlight. She recommends that people listening to this podcast take advantage of the free policy reviews and compare what Kim can put together for you. The phone call is free.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing Kim Kirsch of American Health & Life Group as our featured St. Cloud FL local business spotlight. This will continue to be a monthly focus for the Discover St. Cloud Florida podcast.

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