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Kim Kirsch Of American Health & Life Group Is Our Resident Spotlight Of Harmony FL

Kim Kirsch Of American Health & Life Group Is Our Resident Spotlight Of Harmony FL

Kim Kirsch Of American Health & Life Group Is Our Featured Resident Spotlight Of Harmony FL This Month

Resident spotlight of the Harmony FL Community presented by Jeanine Corcoran broker of Corcoran Connect. Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13 joins Jeanine as her co-host. Welcome to the 21st episode of Discover Harmony Florida.

This month’s resident of Harmony Florida is Kim Kirsch of American Health & Life Group who is proud partners of the Healthcare Solutions Team. Jeanine’s first question to Kim was how long have you owned your business? Kim said she has owned this business for 5 years.

Jeanine followed up and asked Kim how she got started in her business and why did she choose this field? Kim replied that previously in her career she was a writer doing a lot of online content helping other businesses make money online. She continued that she wanted to do something different with her career.

The reason why she chose insurance was she gets to help people every single day. Kim talks to people who are really in need of good insurance. Jeanine said that she received her insurance policies through Kim and that she is not the type of person who will push you. She will find you insurance that fits your specific needs.

Kim tells people all the time that she is a terrible salesperson. She said she will tell a person straight up that if they want something and Kim believes it is a bad idea, she will let them know.

Who Is Kim Kirsch Of American Health & Life Group?

Jeanine said for the people who don’t know you, tell them who you are? Kim said, I’m a mom and a wife and first and foremost, a Christian as well as being a new grandma. She tries to be a good friend and neighbor and she loves getting out into the community and getting involved in things.

Jeanine then asked Kim what her top selling product is? Kim said her top selling product is called the plan enhancer. Some of us have nicknamed it the “deductible killer”. The reason for the nickname is this add on product works with any kind of insurance.

Kim gave an example of the plan enhancer. If you were to go to the hospital and you are there for 24 hours because you are sick or if you are there because you have had some sort of an accident or are diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack or a stroke, this plan will pay off your deductible.  If you already have hit your deductible, then it gives you back the other of what the policy was.

Kim continued that she always makes sure that the plan enhancer will cover all the clients max out of pocket. Jeanine said that is a great idea and product to have and to sign her up for that.

American Health & Life Group Sponsors Many Of The Events In Harmony Florida

Jeanine then turned her attention to the Harmony community and asked Kim how she serves the Harmony Community and the people that live here? Kim said that she takes part in almost all the events that happen in Harmony. She said her company will sponsor all of the different events from Easter to Christmas. She loves doing the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus event every year.

Kim participated in the “Anti-Social Ice Cream Social” during the 2020 lockdown. Jeanine said that was fun. She said that it is amazing to see how many people you touch, and you don’t even get to meet them all. She did the golden egg winner for the Easter egg hunt.

Jeanine asked Kim what she would say to someone who was considering moving to Harmony? She stated that besides calling Jeanine for help looking for a place to live, you should really consider Harmony Florida as a place to live. If you have children and want to live in a community that has a real small town feel where everyone jumps in and help each other and truly loves one and other than Harmony is the place for you.

What Is Your Favorite Place In Harmony FL?

Jeanine asked Kim what her favorite spot was in Harmony, FL? Kim quickly replied that the docks at Buck Lake is her favorite. You definitely have to check it out.

Jeanine emphasized that people should give Kim a call as she is easy to talk to and she can compare what you have now with something that may be a better fit for your insurance needs. Kim and her team cover health insurance, dental care, vision, life insurance, supplements and more.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine interviewing Kim Kirsch of American Health & Life Group as our resident spotlight of Harmony FL. This will continue to be a monthly focus for the Discover Harmony Florida podcast. View the original video source here.

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