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Housing Market Report For St. Cloud FL April 2022

Housing Market Report For St. Cloud FL April 2022

Housing Market Report For St. Cloud FL April 2022 Given By Jeanine Corcoran

She is the broker of Corcoran Connect, a real estate company. She is joined by her co-host Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13. Welcome to the 19th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida.

Kristin started by asking Jeanine what happened in the St. Cloud Florida real estate market in April? Jeanine replied that she always starts by zip code because St. Cloud has so many. Starting with zip code 34769 which had 41 homes sold in April.

Jeanine stated that they always separate one-story homes from two-story homes when reporting housing statistics. She said the two are apples and oranges. Appraisers will not appraise a single-story against a two-story.

There were 37 one-story homes that sold in April with the price per square foot being $221.77. Four two-story homes sold with a price per square foot of $174.55. As we have reported many times, two-story homes always sell at a lower price per square foot than one-story homes.

Kristin added that there was a 4% increase for one-story homes sold in zip code 34769 and a 59% increase in two-story homes sold. She believes there must have been an outlier last month that led to the sizable difference between the two this month.

Kristin said regardless, zip code 34769 is still increasing. This zip code almost doubled its sales from March to April 2022. There were 25 homes sold in March and 41 this past April. Jeanine added that there are 32 actives and 70 pending.

St. Cloud Home Sales For April 2022 About The Same As Prior Month In Zip Code 34771

Kristin asked Jeanine about zip code 34771. Jeanine said she has 3 pages of statistics on this zip code. There were 71 sales in April, 46 were one-story homes and 25 were two-story homes sold. Regarding the one-story homes that were sold the price per square foot was $249.50. The price per square foot for the two-story homes was $188.67.

Kristin said the homes sold in zip code 34771 for April were increased versus March home sales. There was a 5% increase for the one-story homes and a 2% increase for the two-story homes. Seventy-five homes were sold in March and 71 homes were sold in April 2022. Jeanine added that it is still the most active zip code with new construction. There are 96 actives and 247 pending homes for sale.

Moving on to zip code 34772 there were 43 homes sold in April 2022. There were 28 one-story homes sold and 15 were two-story homes. The price per square foot for the one-story homes was $235.79 and for the two-story homes, it was $192.10.

Kristin added that there was a 3% increase in the one-story homes that sold over March and an 8% increase for the two-story homes that sold. She said it was a bit slower in April compared to March. There were 69 homes sold in March and 43 in April. Jeanine said that there are 47 active and 106 homes pending.

Harmony Florida Zip Code 34773 Saw A Slight Decrease In The Price Per Square Foot Numbers

Jeanine said we then have our sleeper zip code, 34773, where it is quieter than the others. This zip code represents Harmony, Florida. There were 13 homes that sold where 9 were one-story homes and 4 were two-story. The one-story homes that sold had a price per square foot of $198.42 versus the two-story homes which were $176.93.

Kristin added that this was the only zip code that saw a slight decrease in their overall price per square foot numbers. The one-story homes decreased by 2.5% and the two-story homes dropped by 19%. Jeanine said there are 17 active and 72 pending homes for sale.

Jeanine and Kristin then moved onto vacant land for sale in St. Cloud, FL. Jeanine said there were 21 parcels of vacant land that sold in April 2022, and they all sold for cash except one. Kristin said that the piece of vacant land that sold for the highest amount off Canoe Creek Rd went for $1,065,000 and included 16.57 acres. She added that the least expensive piece of vacant land that sold went for $5K.

Jeanine said that vacant land is still selling and continues to be a hot commodity. There is only so much land and Kristin said you better get it while you can. Kristin said it is good to see that the real estate market is still healthy. She feels that they are still experiencing low inventory, particularly lower-priced homes.

First Time Home Buyers Getting Squeezed By Higher Interest Rates

Jeanine stated that even though interest rates have risen and are higher than they have been in sometime, historically, they are still very low. She said that the first-time home buyers keep getting pushed out because of the interest rate increases. Florida’s interest rates are higher than the national average as they are approaching 6.0%.

If there are other topics regarding the St. Cloud real estate market that you would like us to cover, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you. If you have any subjects about Saint Cloud that you would like us to report on, feel free to share them with us.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin walking you through the housing market report for St. Cloud FL April 2022. We want to keep you up to date with what is happening in the real estate market in St. Cloud so you can make informed decisions when it comes to your real estate needs.

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