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St. Cloud Florida Elementary Schools

St. Cloud Florida Elementary Schools

Jeanine Corcoran And Kristin Macari Review The 7 St. Cloud Florida Elementary Schools

St. Cloud Florida Elementary Schools are the focus of today’s 13th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida. Jeanine Corcoran, broker of Corcoran Connect will be your host and she is joined by her co-host Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13. Today, they will review the 7 Saint Cloud FL Elementary schools.

The elementary schools in St. Cloud Florida are an important topic for those who are new to the area. Jeanine said that there are 7 elementary schools in Saint Cloud, FL. These 7 do not include Charter schools in Osceola County.

Kristin stated that you will have a home zoned school and you can apply during the open choice program to get into other schools if you like. It is a difficult process as it is based on availability and open seats. Jeanine stated that she thinks what parents get confused on is that if you have open choice does not mean a school will accept your child. One reason for this is if the school is already at capacity, they do not have to accept your child.

Kristin shared that there are some special programs at the elementary schools that you can apply for that may give you a little bit more of an advantage. She continued that when considering purchasing a home in St. Cloud, you may want to consider where the home is located and what school zone it falls into.

The Osceola County School District Website Provides The Entire List Of Elementary Schools

Jeanine mentioned that the 7 St. Cloud Florida elementary schools she is going to review aren’t in any order or preference other than going in alphabetical order from the list that is available on the Osceola County School District website. View source video.

The first elementary school is Harmony Community School. Harmony is a sub-division of St. Cloud, Florida. Sandra Davenport is the Principal there and the enrollment there now is 890 students. The overall grade for this school hasn’t been updated since February 2091 because of Covid. The last grade they received was an “A”.

The Harmony Community School was the first school to receive “Lighthouse” status in Osceola County. This means that they used the Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in their school system.

Kristin was reciting what the Stephen Covey method stood for and was all about and Jeanine was impressed that she remembered everything. Kristin remembered many of the key attributes including, the win-win, beginning with the end in mind, sharpening the saw, which is continuing education, seeking first to understand and then to be understood, encouraging listening before you respond which are all a lot of great life habits.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey Is Applied In The Harmony Community School

Kristin confessed that she did read the book, so she came prepared. She said that it is a cool thought process and all about personal responsibility. Jeanine thinks it is great that students get to learn all about it. Harmony Community school is fantastic and has a lot of great programs with tons of great activities going on at any given moment. It is in the community of Harmony on Schoolhouse road and the mascot name is the “Shorthorns”.

The second school is Hickory Tree Elementary which is on Old Hickory Tree road. The Principal there is Alison Doe. Their mascot is the “Hawks”. Their enrollment total is 671 which is a lot lower than Harmony. Their school grade from 2019 was a “B”.

Kristin said she hears a lot of wonderful things about the Hickory Tree Elementary school and people wanting to bring their kids there. They were both surprised that their enrollment numbers were so low.

Jeanine announced the following events at their school with dates. On March 2nd – 8th they have a book fair, March 8th there is a SAC meeting and on March 24th is a “dress down day” where students can dress more casually.

The Hickory Tree Elementary School Website Was The Most Informative And Complete

Jeanine pointed out that when you go to the Osceola County School District website, they have links to all the schools in the county. All the websites were all in a uniform standard format however, Jeanine wanted to give kudos to Principal Alison Doe. The Hickory Tree Elementary website had all the pertinent information on the Homepage.

Jeanine also noticed that not all websites have a letter from the principal, so she had a tough time finding who was the Principal at certain schools. And finally, the calendar of events tab was on all websites, however, when you clicked on it most of them were empty.

That’s why Jeanine was able to find the list of events for Hickory Tree for March, it was right there and easy to find. For all the other Principals that are listening, go look at the Hickory Tree website because whoever is handling it did a great job.

The third school is Lakeview Elementary. They are the home of the Dolphins. They have 655 students currently enrolled in grades K-5. In 2019 they were a “B” rated school. They are located right off 5th street in St. Cloud, FL. They are having a “Spring Fling” on March 26th a “dash with a splash” 5K run.

The Narcoossee Elementary School In St. Cloud FL Is The Most Populated In Osceola County

The fourth school is the Michigan Avenue Elementary school, and they are the home of the Bullpups. They have 768 students, and they were rated a “B” in 2019. They do what’s called a Bullpup of the month. In each homeroom once a month a student gets picked and they go to the cafeteria and have Chick-fil-A and get added to the wall of fame.

The fifth school is Narcoossee Elementary School home of the "Bear Cubs". They have 1,327 students which is the most populated elementary school in Osceola County. Jeanine added that from a real estate perspective the growth is on Narcoossee road. They were rated a “B” school from 2019 and the Principal there is Scott Noble.

Kristin said that Narcoossee is a highly sought-after school that is contributing to people moving into that area. Jeanine also mentioned that they a writeup on their website about the incoming kindergarteners which is March 8th from 4:30 – 6:00 PM. Jeanine didn’t see this on any other website but Narcoossee’s. They were the first school to become a “Lighthouse” school virtually in Osceola County.

The sixth school is Neptune Elementary. They have 907 students and in 2019 they were rated a “C” school. They are located off Neptune on Betsy Ross Lane by Anthem Park. They did have some event on their calendar for March 10th and that is “picture day”.

The St. Cloud Elementary School Robotics Team Has Been Invited To The World Competition In Dallas

The seventh school is St. Cloud Elementary School home of the "Shooting Stars". Dr. Amy Flowers is the Principal there. They have 798 students and in 2019 they were a “B” school. The Robotics team from this school has been invited to go to the World Competition in Dallas, Texas. They are the only school in Osceola County to have been invited to this competition.

They have the potential to bring 2 teams and maybe as many as 4 teams depending on how much money they can raise. It’s $1,200 just to compete and that doesn’t include travel or housing, etc. It is an expensive event, so they are looking for sponsors. Kristin said it is cool for St. Cloud to be on the map. Some people think St. Cloud, FL is just a cow town and that is the furthest from the truth.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin walking you through a review of the St. Cloud Florida Elementary schools. We want to keep you up to date with the amazing events and places to visit and enjoy in St. Cloud, FL.

Barbara Corcoran, Jeanine’s sister will be joining the Discover Harmony Florida podcast as our guest on one of our upcoming podcasts in March. Barbara has her own podcast called Business Unusual. If you have any questions that you would like Barbara to answer on the podcast, send them here and we will do our best to have her answer them.

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