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Harmony Florida Community Stories That Are Heartwarming

Harmony Florida Community Stories That Are Heartwarming

Harmony Florida Community Stories That Are Heartwarming Told By Jeanine Corcoran And Kristin Macari

Jeanine is the broker of Corcoran Connect, and she is joined by her co-host Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13. Welcome to the 13th episode of Discover Harmony Florida. They are going to be sharing Harmony Florida community stories which show why this is a one-of-a-kind place to live.

Kristin opened the 13th episode of Discover Harmony Florida talking about how there is a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world and people could use some good news! Jeanine and Kristin had this idea where for a long time Jeanine had done interviews with new Harmony Florida resident families and one of the questions she always asked was, “do you have a good Harmony story”?

Kristin and Jeanine both thought what a great time to remind everyone how much they love Harmony and what a great community it is. Jeanine said when she and Kristin were talking about doing this for an upcoming Discover Harmony Florida podcast, she published a post on her Facebook group page for Harmony residents asking if anyone had great stories to share?

They received some good stories that they will share, and Jeanine remembered that she always asked that question in her videos welcoming new residents in the My Harmony Florida video series. So, they will be sharing a mix of both, current stories, and Harmony Florida community stories over the last couple of years.

The Owner’s Of Gypsy Waves Studio in Harmony Florida Formed Lifelong Relationships From A Block Party

Kristin started it off by sharing a story of the Moynagh family owners of Gypsy Waves Studio in Harmony Florida. Kristin said she loves them dearly and that Laura Moynagh is a very talented artist. Kristin added that the Moynagh family has done the Harmony shuffle themselves and are on their 3 home.

When they first interviewed the Moynagh family for My Harmony Florida, they had shared that they received an invitation to a block party that was put on by two neighbors. They went and met about 20 different neighbors and were able to form lifelong relationships as a result. What a great experience to have especially when you are brand new to a community.

The next story Jeanine shared is about Mike and Cheryl Galenis. This couple had a family which was out of state that had a really bad fire and the family had lost everything. Mike and Cheryl had reached out to the Harmony Community, and they could not believe the items that showed up on their front porch. When my friends were in need the Harmony Community really stepped up.

Jeanine said that was a neat story and Kristin added that one of her favorite things about Harmony is people aren’t afraid to step up and help. If anybody posts what they need in the community group, they are going to get several responses and no negative feedback. This is what makes a strong community.

Neighbors In Harmony Fixing Other People’s Fences Anonymously

Jeanine recalled where her dog had broken part of her fence and before she knew it, a neighbor would be fixing it for her. As a matter of fact, one time her neighbor Tim had fixed her fence and she didn’t even realize it.

Jeanine’s sharing of her fence getting fixed reminded Kristin of a Harmony Florida community story that had just happened last night. She was preparing dinner for her family and the doorbell rang and it was a neighbor alerting her of a broken sprinkler head that had flooded her entire front walk. Kristin said a big thank you to Don and her husband Caesar for bringing this to her attention.

Jeanine shared the next story which was about the Wright family. While their home was being built, they would come in every weekend and check on the progress. One of the weekends they came to visit as the home was nearing completion there was a card on the kitchen island that was an invitation to a “Friendsgiving”. That stands for a Thanksgiving event given by friends. They hadn’t even moved in and they were already being invited by the community. They went and had a great time and fell in love with the community.

Kristin stated that she feels like that story Jeanine shared is a recurring story throughout the Harmony community. She said that each street has its own little community and they come up with nicknames for it.

Harmony Resident Runs To Inform Neighbor Their Tree Was Struck By Lightning

Jeanine then shared another Harmony Florida community story that was shared on the forum Facebook page. One neighbor moved here from Ohio. One night there was a nasty thunderstorm and lightning struck a tree near their home and a neighbor who saw it happen ran across the street to tell them. Kristin said that is cool, neighbors helping neighbors.

Jeanine then shared that she had invited her entire street to a meet and greet around the Christmas holiday one year and the neighbors she knew came to the party. However, one thing she noticed was a lot of the neighbors didn’t know each other. So, as a result of this get-together, a lot of neighbors were able to connect, and new relationships were developed.

Kristin and Jeanine both shared that one of their favorite things about Harmony is everyone’s willingness to get to know each other and how much community exists between all the neighbors. Kristin talked about how she had texted a neighbor if they had glitter and she said no but I’m at the Dollar Store let me pick some up for you.

Another Harmony Florida community story Jeanine shared about neighbors who had just moved in and their son had got lost riding his bike. Neighbors let him use their phone to call his parents and watched over him until his parents arrived.

The Harmony Community Comes To The Aid Of Neighbor Injured In The Line Of Duty

Kristin shared the next story about a Harmony neighbor who was injured in the line of duty that left her in a wheelchair while she learned to walk again. She was in and out of the hospital for a year. Members of the community would bring her and her family dinner and leave notes saying that they were praying for her. Also, members of the Harmony Community Church went to visit her in the hospital.

There are two stories from The Lakes which is the 55 and better community in Harmony that Jeanine wanted to share. The first highlight was about a neighbor who was having their first grandchild and they lived in Iceland. Apparently, it is hard to purchase items in Iceland, so the neighbors got together and gave the grandparents a baby shower to help them. They shared it was so heartwarming to be able to surprise the grandparents and show them so much, love.

Kristin shared the second Harmony community story from The Lakes. There was a neighbor that noticed a moving truck in the new neighbor’s driveway and came over to welcome them and gave them a copy of the calendar of events of things that were happening at The Lakes. She introduced them to several neighbors, and everyone was so welcoming. In all the years that they have moved from home to home, that has never happened to them before. They said Harmony Florida is the friendliest place they have ever moved to.

Barbara Corcoran Will Be Joining The Discover Harmony Florida Podcast With Her Sister Jeanine

Barbara Corcoran, Jeanine’s sister will be joining the Discover Harmony Florida podcast as our guest on one of our upcoming episodes in March. Barbara has her own podcast called Business Unusual. If you have a question for Barbara, send it in to the email below and you’ll see if we can get her to answer it during the podcast.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin walking you through the Harmony Florida Community Stories. These stories are wonderful reminders of just how amazing this community is where people go over and above to help you and your family. If you have a Harmony story that you would like to share, give us a call, or email us at

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