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Rodeo Day In Osceola County Florida

Rodeo Day In Osceola County Florida

Rodeo Day in Osceola County Florida Is The Topic Of Conversation On The 10th Episode Of Discover St. Cloud Florida

Rodeo Day means no school for students in St. Cloud FL. Jeanine Corcoran, broker of Corcoran Connect a real estate company, and the host will be joined by her co-host, Kristin Macari, owner of Studio Nine 13 and they will discuss the history and importance of this Holiday.

Kristin started by saying what a surprise it must be for people moving into Osceola County whether it be, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Harmony, or Lake Nona, and realize that your kids don’t have Presidents Day off, they have Rodeo Day off in its place.

Jeanine said Rodeo Day is one of her favorite times of the year. Kristin asked Jeanine to explain what Rodeo Day is and what it means? Jeanine answered by saying Rodeo Day in Osceola County is a big deal! She continued saying the actual arena is in Kissimmee Florida but that it is borderline to St. Cloud, FL. View source video here.

They give the kids the day off on Rodeo Day every year because the rodeo is in town and all the focus goes to that event. The fair sandwiches rodeo day running before the big event and after as well. The rodeo starts on a Friday night, February 18th and that is the night Jeanine always goes.

What Is The History Of Rodeo Day?

Kristin asked Jeanine what the history of Rodeo Day is and why it started? Jeanine stated that it may seem odd from people out of state moving here and seeing that the students don’t have Presidents Day but that they do for something called Rodeo Day. It is part of the culture here in Osceola County Florida.

Kristin shared the story of how she learned about rodeo day from long-time locals. When the Rodeo would come to town so many kids would skip school to see the rodeo. She was told at some point the Osceola County school board said, well, if you can’t beat them, join them. Hence, the Holiday for Rodeo Day in Osceola County Florida was born.

Jeanine shared that Rodeo Day actually started back in 1953. The mid-winter Rodeo in February was started in 1951 and is still held in the same facility today. It has been rebuilt of course over the years and is called the Silver Spurs Arena.

 Jeanine shared that on opening night they do square dancing and even square dancing on horseback. They also let the kids go down into the arena and there are usually hundreds of them and they chase the calves that have little ribbons on their tails.

Bull Riding On Rodeo Day In St. Cloud FL Is Jeanine’s Favorite Event To Watch

Kristin said how she thinks it is cool that these traditions are kept alive and going because it is what Osceola County was built on. She has friends that raise livestock and bring them to the fair to show. It is cool that the school system honors this for the kids as they really enjoy it.

Jeanine said that they used to have horses and Kristin would ride as a kid growing up. Jeanine loves bull riding as her favorite event at the rodeo. She shared that when she was dating her now-husband and you asked each other, so what do you do for fun? Bill said every January, he goes to the races and Jeanine said, well, every February I go to the rodeo. Bill was like, what? Now, they go together, and Bill loves it as well.

Kristin added that the kids do love the fair and it is in town all week. The fair runs the week leading up to the rodeo. They run specials for different nights. Some nights will be discounted tickets and discounts for how many people come in one car, etc. It’s a lot of fun for the kids, they really enjoy it and it has become a long-standing tradition.

Rodeo Participants Come From All Over The Country

The rodeo participants themselves as well as some of the people who come here to see it come from all over the US. Friday, February 18th is Rodeo Day in Osceola County Florida and that is the day the kids have off from school. The Rodeo starts on the 18th and runs through the 20th of February. The rodeo tickets cost $20 each, kids will be less than that.

The Fair starts on February 11th and runs through the 20th. The price for The Fair tickets are $5 - $8 for adults and $3 - $5 for kids. Jeanine said if you just moved into St. Cloud or anywhere in Osceola County and you have never been to the rodeo, you have to at least go once. She said it is so much fun. The music is great as well.

Jeanine said don’t forget your cowboy boots and hat and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin taking you through Rodeo Day In Osceola County Florida. We want to keep you up to date with all things St. Cloud so everyone can take advantage of them and enjoy all the activities including the rodeo and Fair!

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