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Favorite Local Restaurants In St. Cloud FL

Favorite Local Restaurants In St. Cloud FL

Jeanine Corcoran Shares Her 3 Top Restaurants In Saint Cloud FL

Favorite local restaurants in St. Cloud FL will be the topic of conversation on the 8th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida. Jeanine Corcoran, broker of Corcoran Connect--a real estate company, and the host will share her next 3 top restaurants in Saint Cloud, Florida. She will be joined by her co-host, Kristin Macari, owner of Studio Nine 13. This episode will have an emphasis on meatless options.

As a reminder last month Jeanine and Kristin gave their top 3 restaurants in St. Cloud. They were La Bella Napoli, an Italian restaurant, Phyre Brewery and Tavern, and The Cup Diner for breakfast.

However, there are so many excellent restaurants, they wanted to provide their next three favorites. These three picks will be geared more towards the vegan and vegetarian crowds or for people who don’t eat meat. Visit source video.

Jeanine’s first pick for her favorite local restaurant in St. Cloud, FL is “Mizu Teppanyaki & Sushi”. Mizu is located at 4043 13th St. in St Cloud, FL 34769. You have the option of either sitting at the hibachi or you can sit at a table, the choice is yours.

Jeanine is a sashimi lover, and her favorite raw fish is tuna and salmon. She said there really isn’t a raw fish she wouldn’t eat including eel. Kristin chimed in and shared that she doesn’t eat fish at all.

St. Cloud’s Top Teppanyaki & Sushi Restaurant - Mizu Teppanyaki & Sushi

Maybe once a year, she will eat tuna from a can, that’s about it. Jeanine responded and said that eating tuna from a can doesn’t really qualify as “eating fish”…lol.

Miso soup is Jeanine’s favorite soup with soybean paste with seafood bean curd and scallions. Her favorite salad at Mizu is the seaweed salad and she eats it with chopsticks. She also loves doing the vegetable hibachi and occasionally she will throw in some fish but mostly the vegetables. Kristin usually does the hibachi with steak or chicken, and she loves that it comes with noodles and fried rice and the salad with the ginger dressing.

Jeanine’s 2nd pick for her favorite local restaurants in St. Cloud, FL is 10th Street Produce & Deli. They are located at 920 New York Ave. St Cloud, FL 34769. Jeanine has known Adam the owner for many years and said he is a great guy. Her favorite meal there is the broccoli salad, of course holding the bacon. She also loves the veggie wrap, so delicious. Kristin loves their sandwiches and the fact that they are a “real deli”, not a supermarket deli.

10th Street Produce & Deli Is St. Cloud’s Top Deli Restaurant

Jeanine loves all the fresh local produce and fruit they have and the authentic décor at 10th Street Produce & Deli. It reminds her of the open produce and fruit markets in Europe. There are no plastic bags for your fruit, she loves that. They also do fresh lobster rolls once a week.

Jeanine’s 3rd pick for her favorite local restaurants in St. Cloud, FL is The Silver Lining Café. They are located at 4533 Old Canoe Creek Rd, St Cloud, FL 34769. It is a mom & pop café,  and they make everything fresh daily. They offer a lot of specials as well. Jeanine loves their quiches.

They always have something vegetarian and her go-to is the quiches. The way they present them is fantastic. You’re sitting in this small café, and you feel like you are in someone’s kitchen. The tables and chairs they have are from all different eras which are really cool. She absolutely loves the spinach and cheese quiche. Jeanine said that the Silver Lining Café is a girly place and just loves going there. They have a diverse menu for all, but she loves their veggie options and their quiches.

Kristin added that although Saint Cloud may not have a strictly vegan-only restaurant, most of the restaurants here offer vegan/vegetarian dishes and meals that would satisfy those diners. Jeanine offered that no matter what restaurant she visits, she has no problem finding something that works for her.

Discover St. Cloud Florida Podcast Wants Your Input

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin walking you through Jeanine’s favorite local restaurants in St. Cloud FL. We want to keep you up to date with all things St. Cloud so everyone can take advantage of them and enjoy this fine cuisine!

If you have a favorite restaurant that you would like us to mention on a future podcast that we haven’t covered, please send us an email at And, if there is a particular topic you would like to hear about in our amazing community, contact us on that as well. We love to hear from our listeners.

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