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What's Your New Year's Resolution For The Harmony FL Community?

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution For 2022?

Here are some new year's resolution ideas for 2022. Jeanine Corcoran is your host and broker of Corcoran Connect--real estate company. She is joined by Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13 as co-host and today is the 8th episode of Discover Harmony Florida. View the source video here.

Today’s episode will focus on what’s your new year’s resolution for the Harmony Community in 2022. Kristin started by sharing that she wants to focus on doing more and experiencing more. Kristin then asked Jeanine what her new year’s resolutions were for 2002?

Jeanine answered that she wants to commit to riding her bicycle more in the Harmony community. She loves riding bikes because there is so much beautiful scenery to see and take in, it is amazing. She went on to say that Harmony doesn’t have mountains, but we do have gorgeous sunsets, golf courses, tree-lined streets, and beautiful homes to view. So, Jeanine is committing to riding her bike more as one of her new year’s resolutions.

Jeanine said that she walks every morning and takes pictures at least once a week and shares them on social media. She stated that bike riding is good for you and if you can’t ride in the morning, you can do it at night. The course she normally rides is 8.5 miles in total.

Bike Riding In Harmony Florida Is A Great New Year’s Resolution

Jeanine was talking about wearing a helmet as well for safety and taking precautions. She recalled back in February of 2021, she was with her grandson riding bikes together and didn’t have her helmet on. She was trying to take a picture of him while riding and when she looked up, he had stopped. Jeanine had her phone in one hand and hit one of her brakes with the other which locked her brakes up.

Next thing you know, she is going over her handlebars and the first thing to hit the ground was her elbow which ended up being fractured. Jeanine had never broken a bone in her life. Luckily, she did not hit her head, but lesson learned.

New Year Resolution Ideas 2022

Jeanine then asked Kristin what her new year’s resolution was for the Harmony community? Kristin replied and said that she wants to participate in more of the activities that are offered in Harmony. She added that her husband, Quinton, and her daughter, Olivia, got fishing poles for Christmas and that they are committed to going fishing more as a family.

Kristin also added that she has lived in Harmony since 2008 and has never been out on the boats. So, as a result, she is committing to get out on the boats in Harmony in 2022. The boats are free to use in Harmony, it is part of the amenities in this wonderful community. Jeanine added that all that is needed is to book your time slot online and that’s about it.

Does Anyone Know How Deep Buck Lake Is In Harmony Florida?

We would love to hear from any of our listeners if they know how deep Buck Lake is in Harmony, FL? Kristin said she has a tough time booking in advance leisurely time for herself as she feels guilty. However, in answering what’s your new year’s resolution, Kristin has committed to booking and using the boats. Jeanine said that she will hold her to it and check back with her in February to make sure she did in fact go out on the boats.

Jeanine added another new year’s resolution for the Harmony community. She is going to commit to drinking less. Not that she wants to drink less but because it is so expensive. When you add drinks to your bill, it adds up fast and you are so close to your house where the alcohol is free. Throw in inflation and the bill has skyrocketed in the last year.

Kristin added another new year’s resolution for her and that is eating out less and cooking at home more. They reviewed the money they spent on eating out in 2021 and it was sizable, so they are committing to cooking at home more in 2002 and saving money.

We hope you enjoyed the 8th episode answering what's your new year's resolution for the Harmony FL Community. We want to keep you up to date with the amazing events and places to visit and enjoy in Harmony. Did you make your new year’s resolution, and have you stuck to them?

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