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Harmony Florida Schools Review Of All Three Schools

Harmony Florida Schools Review

Harmony Florida Schools Review Presented By Jeanine Corcoran, Broker of Corcoran Connect

Jeanine is joined by her co-host Kristin Macari owner of Studio Nine 13. Welcome to the 6th episode of Discover Harmony Florida.

Jeanine wanted to do a segment dedicated to the Harmony Florida school system. There are three schools here. The Harmony Community school goes from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. This school is inside the neighborhood, so the children are able to walk there.

Then there is Harmony Middle school which covers grades 6th – 8th. And then of course the Harmony High School which is across the street from the community school. The original developer made a tunnel between the (community and the middle school and high school) schools so the kids could walk or ride their bikes to school. Parents can drop their kids off at the tunnel and not have to worry about traffic. The source video can be found here

Let’s start with Harmony Community school which is located on the main road at 3365 Schoolhouse road. All grades start at the same time. The community school starts at 8:20 am and ends at 3:20 pm. The principal there is Sondra Davenport who does an excellent job.

Jeanine pointed out that the community school practiced the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students by Stephen Covey. This is great for the students as it gets them thinking about being proactive and beginning with the end in mind, thinking win-win, etc.

Harmony Schools Incorporated Author Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Students

The current enrollment of the Harmony Community school without the pre-K4 is 873 students and with the pre-K4 is 909. This represents children from Harmony alone. The Florida Department of Education has a grade for the community school, and it usually provides a grade every year. The last year it was done was 2019 where they received an “A” grade and they haven’t been given a grade since because of COVID.

So, Jeanine went on the Great Schools website and found that the Harmony Community school scored a 9 out of 10 overall which is great. They were above average on all categories with a 10 out of 10 on student progress. That is a lot to brag about!

Kristin shared how great the teachers were when her daughter went through the school system. One of her daughters hated to read and her first-grade teacher, Misses Alderman taught her how to read and not want to cry afterward. She helped her find books that she really enjoyed reading.

Now onto Harmony Middle School. This school has only been open for 3 years now. Unfortunately, there is no grade for this school yet because when they opened COVID impacted administering the grades of schools given by the Florida Department of Education.

Jeanine Corcoran Has A Seat On The School Advisory Council Board For The Harmony Middle School

The principal at the middle school is Frank Telemko. Jeanine actually has a seat on their advisory council as a community leader. She has enjoyed this role for the last three years. The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 pm and the PTO meets directly after that meeting for anyone that may be interested in joining.

Enrollment for Harmony Middle school is 948 students. Sixth grade has the lowest number of students at 286, 7th grade has 309 students and 8th grade has 353 students. Kristin added that they are a fantastic school when it comes to sports. They are very often first in the district. Nurse Katy was awarded the number one employee in Osceola County and has been fantastic for the children.

The Harmony High School principal is Jim Hickey, and they start early from 7:20 am to 2:20 pm for their school day. The total enrollment is 2,598 students. The 9th graders have the most students at 722, 10th graders at 692, 11th graders at 653, and the 12th graders have the least number of students at 531.

There are 10 high schools in the county and Harmony High School has the second most number of total students among the 10. The high school has so many wonderful programs for students, it’s incredible.

Harmony High School Has An Exceptional Veterinary Specialty Program

The high school has dual enrollment. They have a vast number of varied AP classes where a student could fill all their classes with AP if they so desired. Colleges outside of the state of Florida will accept AP where they don’t necessarily accept dual enrollment.

They also offer specialty programs. Harmony high school is probably known best for its veterinary specialty program. People in the community bring animals in for treatment. The students get real hands-on training. Kristin believes that they graduate with a certificate that allows them to be some sort of veterinary tech.

They also have a criminal justice program. It is a 4-year program. If a student is in it for all 4 years, they can take a test at the end and graduate and become a 9-1-1 operator right out of high school. There is also a nursing program that is new, and Kristin believes it is a 2-year program.

The Harmony Florida high school promotes college readiness but also provides students with other avenues to choose from that enable them to get into the job market right out of high school which is tremendous.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristin walking you through the Harmony Florida schools review of all three schools in this amazing community. Our goal is to keep you up to date with the events happening and places to visit so you can enjoy in Harmony to the fullest.

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