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Best Restaurants In St. Cloud Florida

Best Restaurants In St. Cloud Florida La Bella Napoli

Best Restaurants In St. Cloud FL Are The Focus Of This Article For The Communities Benefit

Jeanine Corcoran, the broker of Corcoran Connect, is joined by her co-host, Kristin Macari. They will share their 3 favorite restaurants in Saint Cloud. Welcome to the 4th episode of Discover St. Cloud Florida, source video here.

There are a lot of great mom-and-pop local restaurants in St. Cloud, however, today Jeanine wanted to showcase her 3 favorite restaurants. It just so happens that her husband Bill Bokunic, who is a real estate agent at Corcoran Connect, had the same 3 restaurants as his wife.

Jeanine’s first favorite restaurant is called “La Bella Napoli”, an Italian restaurant in St. Cloud. They are located at 4071 13th St. Saint Cloud, FL. Both Jeanine and Bill love Italian food and the owners of this fine establishment are from south Italy. They actually close during the summer to go back home.

Locals in St. Cloud know that they close during the summer and always ask when they are leaving and then returning. Jeanine’s favorite dish there is eggplant parmesan. The owners simply ask Jeanine when she comes in, “the usual” to which she replies, yes, please. Jeanine has tried eggplant parmesan in a lot of other Italian restaurants in and around St. Cloud and none compare. Their sauce and their service are the best!

Italian Restaurants In St. Cloud, FL Can’t Hold A Candle To La Bella Napoli

One of Kristin’s top 3 favorite restaurants in St. Cloud happens to be La Bella Napoli as well. Her favorite meal there is chicken parmesan. She has tried chicken parmesan in many other restaurants locally and none compare. Her husband, Quinton, tries something new every time he goes and loves everything. If you want a friendly, local, authentic Italian restaurant with fantastic service, La Bella Napoli is the one for you!

Jeanine and Kristin share the same pick for their number two mention for best restaurants in St. Cloud, FL. That pick is, “Phyre Brewery and Tavern”. They are located at 918 New York Avenue, St. Cloud, FL. They have a really cool ambiance and outdoor seating with live music on the weekends.

Kristin’s favorite meal there is the fire burger. It has beer cheese on it, and it tastes amazing. Jeanine’s favorite dish is the ahi tuna nachos. She has also enjoyed their seabass which is just delicious with seasonal vegetables. They do brew their own beer as well which is quite good.

The bartenders dress up in 1920s and 1930’s style outfits when speakeasy bars were prominent. The girls dress up, they have their hair done, the lipstick and high heels and they each have a character name. This is a locally-owned mom-and-pop establishment. The owners live in Harmony, Florida.

Phyre Brewery And Tavern In St. Cloud, FL

How The Phyre Brewery And Tavern Got Its Start

The interesting story of how Phyre Brewery and Tavern got their start was shared by Kristin. The owner was brewing beer in his home kitchen years ago and it blew up. So, his wife said that’s it you have to get your own space out of the house and hence the creation of Phyre Brewery And Tavern.

Jeanine and Kristin announced their third pick at the same time, and it ended up being the same. They both choose “The Cup Diner”. They are located at 1407 13th Street in Saint Cloud. It is Jeanine’s favorite breakfast place in St. Cloud. Kristin added that if you love a good southern breakfast then this is the place for you.

Jeanine added that if you are in a hurry, it is the place to go and if you are not in a hurry, it is still the place to go. Their servers turn and burn their tables. Their kitchen is so quick and efficient. If something is ever wrong with your meal, they immediately take it back or just replace it quickly.

The Cup Diner In St. Cloud, FL

The Cup Diner Has Great Food And Service

The owner is fabulous and local. Very good food, excellent service, it is our diner. Jeanine grew up in New Jersey and has fond memories of diners. Back then her diner visits were mostly at 1:00 or 2:00 am, lol… where now it is breakfast or lunch.

Kristin’s favorite breakfast meal is their bacon and egg sandwich or pancakes/waffles. And her husband Quinton enjoys the biscuits and gravy. Jeanine’s favorite is eggs and toast although lately, she is replacing the toast with sliced tomatoes. She also loves their potato salad. Sometimes she will order the potato salad with a side salad as her meal as it is that good.

We hope you enjoyed us walking you through the best restaurants in St. Cloud Florida and our top three picks. We want to keep you up to date with all things St. Cloud so everyone can take advantage of them and enjoy them!

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