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Local Amenities In Harmony Florida With Jeanine Corcoran Of Corcoran Connect

Local Amenities In Harmony Florida

Local Amenities In Harmony Florida Presented By Host Jeanine Corcoran Broker of Corcoran Connect

Jeanine is joined by co-host Kristin Macari of Studio Nine 13. This is part of the Discover Harmony Florida podcast series. Welcome to the 4th episode of Discover Harmony Florida.

Jeanine wanted to share her top three amenities to enjoy in Harmony, FL. There are so many to enjoy in this wonderful community and we could talk all day on them, so she had to limit it to three. They are discussed in the source video here.

One of Jeanine’s favorite things to do is go out on the pontoon boats. Living in Harmony, we have pontoon boats that are free to use and enjoy. All that is required is a quick free lesson, sign a waiver and put down a $250 deposit that is never cashed. It is the ticket to use the free boats.

You can rent them out for an hour at a time and head out on Buck Lake which is beautiful and off the main road in Harmony, Schoolhouse road. The biggest park in Harmony is there, Lakeshore Park. Harmony doesn’t build any houses on the Lakes, so they are very well protected.

One of Kristin’s favorite places, although not technically a place are the sunsets in Harmony Florida. She also enjoys the two walking trails by Buck Lake, especially the one with the swing. It is about a 2-mile walk around the Lake. The sunsets over Buck Lake are simply amazing.

Buck Lake In Harmony Florida Is So Peaceful

Buck Lake In Harmony Florida Is So Peaceful

Jeanine’s second favorite is visiting one of the long docks on Buck Lake where there are 4 rocking chairs. It is so peaceful there where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or perhaps a glass of wine early evening watching the sunset.

Jeanine’s third favorite is a section of the Harmony Florida Golf Preserve which runs through the community. The sunsets there are gorgeous. She will ride her bicycle or take the golf cart and stop there and take pictures. Jeanine is utterly amazed by just how beautiful it is with the rolling hills of the golf course and the sunsets.

Kristin shared that one of her favorites is golf cart rides at night. She loves heading out 30 minutes before sunset to a little bit after and it is just beautiful. It’s fun to ride around the community and enjoy everything. Now that it is coming into the Christmas season, the golf cart rides become even more fun with everyone putting up their decorations.

Swimming Pools In Harmony To Enjoy

Swimming Pools In Harmony To Enjoy

The other favorite of both Jeanine and Kristin are the swimming pools in Harmony to enjoy. Kristin said her kids love the pool. There is the main swimming pool by the restaurant and then the townhouse pool. She said the townhouse pool typically has fewer kids but is hot heated which is not a problem in the summer.

The main pool is definitely better for hanging out with people and the kids seeing their friends. It is also both heated and cooled to control the temperature. So, not too warm in the summer or cold in the winter months.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanine and Kristen taking you through their favorite local amenities in Harmony Florida. We want to keep you up to date with the amazing events and places to visit and enjoy in Harmony.

Corcoran Connect would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the wonderful community of Harmony, FL. If you have any topics of interest that you would like us to cover, send us an email or give us a call.

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