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Discover Harmony Florida Podcast With Host Jeanine Corcoran

Discover Harmony Florida Podcast With Host Jeanine Corcoran

Welcome To The Inaugural Episode Of Discover Harmony Florida With Your Host Jeanine Corcoran 

In the Discover Harmony Florida podcast, Jeanine will be joined by Kristin Macari from Studio Nine 13. Kristin is also a realtor at Corcoran Connect and the daughter of Jeanine. They are residents of Harmony, Florida. Jeanine has been a resident of Harmony since 2005.

Kristin asked Jeanine when was Harmony was established? Jeanine replied, Harmony, Florida was established in 2003 when they started building. It was a slow start but not slow anymore, that's for sure. I've seen so many changes, I'm on my third house.

Kristin asked what do we call that here? Jeanine answered, in Harmony, we call that the Harmony shuffle. You move from one house to another house to another house. You don't ever leave here though, once you come, you can't leave.

Jeanine stated that says a lot for the community because we do have people that move out and new people that move in but most of the people, I find that when they move here, they actually stay. We have a 55 and older community, they might want to move there so somehow along the way it became the Harmony shuffle amongst realtors, and that's what we call it.

Harmony Florida Is A Small Community With Lots Of Activity and Plenty To Offer

Today we just wanted to introduce you to Harmony, Florida, and everything that it has to offer. I want to talk about all the awesome things that are going on in Harmony. Harmony is a small community. Kristin asked Jeanine how many houses do you think we have now in our community? Jeanine replied that would have been a good stat to have, you know because we do the magazine. I know it's well over 1,000, I think it’s 1,200, but I'll confirm that.

Harmony has many events going on all the time and up next is the Resident Halloween Party, it's Saturday, October 16th. This is the first time. We've done some parties in the past. We have a great activities manager that does all these magnificent events but Saturday, October 16th is going to be the first Halloween event, The Resident Party.

In Harmony, there is the town square which is great. It has a little amphitheater. It's just a perfect place to do this. And the weather I'm sure will be cooler. The Halloween party is super-exciting with a DJ and dancing, costume contest, etc.

Movie Night In Harmony Town Square

And then, of course, back in the town square on Saturday, October 23rd at 7 p.m. for Movie Night. They're playing "The Haunted Mansion” by Disney. And what is movie night like? I'm sure you've been to many a Movie Night Jeanine, what is it like out there? it's so much fun. The amphitheater has a nice size grassy area. And so, either you can bring a blanket, or a chair to sit on, and it’s lots of fun.

The kids get up and they go run around and play. But such a wonderful experience to bring your family out and be a part of the community. Again, where else can you get this type of experience but Harmony!

It's great seeing all the people that come out for this. I mean, it's so much fun. You run into your neighbors, meet new neighbors, meet friends, you have the food trucks so you can eat your favorite food. It's just really a great community event.

When you live in Harmony, you must join the golf-cart parades. Jeanine was one of five people that had a golf cart from the beginning. Seriously, one of five people. And, as of late, everyone is getting these nice golf carts. So, we gave away ours and bought a 6-seater golf cart because we do use it to take people on tours of Harmony and for our own social reasons, which works great. So, I guess we'll be decorating our golf cart this year.

The Harmony Golf Cart Parade

The golf cart parade is so much fun. It is on Friday, October 29th. It's the Friday before Halloween. It starts at 7:30 out of the town square, and they go through all the different streets in Harmony. And, throughout October there is a house decorating contest that is uber competitive and again, so much fun.

There is always so many wonderful things going on in Harmony. if you want to have that sense of community, then Harmony Florida is the place for you. If you want to be a part of stuff and have really good friends and neighbors and you've always just wanted that sense of community, you can find that here. You can't find that anywhere else.

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural Discover Harmony Florida podcast. We’re going to be doing this on a weekly basis, covering different things throughout the month. We'll keep you in the loop on different events that are coming up.

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