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Why Live In Mount Dora Florida?

Why Live In Mount Dora Florida

So, you’re thinking of moving and can’t make up your mind about where you want to go? Looking for a simpler way of life, a place with charm and intimacy where people are friendly?

Though Mount Dora is a small city, it is unlike many other small cities, centrally located with easy access to the ocean and other places of interest in Florida.

Mount Dora is a ‘walkable’ city where people are out and about. While you take your morning stroll, everyone you pass along the way will smile and give you a “good morning.”  Neighbors are welcoming, supportive, and helpful, especially with those who are new to Mount Dora.

When USA Today decided to rank small towns, Mount Dora was one of the top four in the nation and the only one in Florida! Retirement appeal to the Baby Boomers was the top factor. What were they looking for? A charming walkable town with ease of living and access to recreations and social connections. Congratulations Mount Dora! Way to go!

If you’re looking for –

  • A warm and friendly place.
  • A sense of belonging in a community.
  • A serene and quiet town surrounded by nature.
  • Various activities for everyone in the family.
  • A place that has numerous good restaurants with cuisines such as American, Italian, Cuban, Turkish, Mediterranean, and more. Cafes that invite you to relax outside with a cappuccino, latte, or homemade ice cream.  As a new resident, you will want to try them all. Mount Dora has 43 eateries.

Mount Dora Florida Eateries

Mount Dora Has More Than A Dozen State Parks And Recreational Areas Open For Your Exploration

Rent a bike (downtown) or purchase one at Adrenaline Bike Works or David’s World Cycle.

Renting A Bike In Mount Dora FL

Tennis, pickleball, and lawn bowling – all in downtown Mount Dora.

Tennis & Pickleball In Downtown Mount Dora

There is Disc golf course at Lincoln Avenue Park West, 1150 Lincoln Avenue. Shaded area and challenging nine-hole course, two pads, and two baskets. People seem to have fun!

There are three golf courses – two courses in Mount Dora and one in Zellwood.

Adventures for the boat lover, there is the Harris Chain of Lakes comprised of 12 lakes. Whether or not you own a boat, there is much to explore! Rent a canoe, kayak, or a New Orleans-style paddleboat, or take one of the several excursions that Rusty Anchor and Premier Boat Tours offer. Tours of the Dora Canal, sunset tours, and more. Information is available at the boat ramp or Chamber of Commerce.

Adventures For The Boat Lover In Mount Dora

A place for the fisherman – Moderate climate makes Lake County a year-round fishing destination. Abundant fishing on Lakes Harris, Eustis, Griffin, and Dora, as well as Johns Lake and St. Johns River. It's a top-notch area for fishing tournaments! Seven of the top 11 lakes for the number and size of bass fish in Florida!

Seaplane Ride Over The Lakes Of Mount Dora

Things To Do In Mount Dora

  • How exhilarating to take a seaplane ride over lakes and wildlife!
  • An area for bird watching and wildlife – Helena’s Run includes two outstanding natural amenities: Bugg Spring and Flat Island Preserve.
  • For the health enthusiasts, there is Living Towers, a hydroponic establishment within a few miles of Mount Dora. Jan at Living Towers offers monthly workshops about tower gardening.   Also nearby is a large health food store, The Health Basket.
  • The Village Market downtown is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sundays where you may purchase local fish from Stephanie or her daughter Emily.   Also, freshly grown sprouts from Jerret and Anthony’s Microgreens and locally grown fruits and vegetables, sweets, and housewares from various vendors. 
  • Self-care – Spa, salon, Gold’s Gym, Barbershop, Yoga, and Barre – a total of 17!
  • Houses of worship, there are 13: Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Baptist, Lutheran, Seven-Day Adventist and Synagogue, and more.
  • Theatre entertainment – The Sonnentag Theatre at the Ice House had been closed since last November, but they are back with their musicals and comedies.  A celebration of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Some Enchanted Evening performed by five extraordinary vocalists, November 12th through December 12th.
  • The EPIC movie theatre with 7 theatres is nearby.
  • Bed and breakfast inns and hotels with most being located within walking distance to downtown. Mount Dora residents have several bed and breakfast places for rent. Blue Oak Cottage is a lovely private cottage located less than a mile from downtown and they accept animals.

Downtown Mount Dora FL

Mount Dora Florida Is Rich In History, Music, Visual Arts, Education, Food, And Theatre

If these are some of the things you value, then go no further than Mount Dora!

Here is what ‘residents’ are saying about Mount Dora –

  • Daire visits Mount Dora to get away from her chaotic life at home. “I come here for some relaxation for a few nights.”  Daire stays at the Lakeside Inn. “I like it. It’s quiet.”
  • Jean is meeting her daughter for lunch to celebrate her 40th birthday. Jean’s daughter lives here. Jean says that she loves Mount Dora because of “how quaint the town is.”
  • Valerie, who moved to Mount Dora just a few years ago from Orlando, loves the serenity.
  • Cathy exclaims, “Mount Dora has so much art flavor.”  And with a big smile, says: “I guess you could say that it’s artsy kind-of town.”
  • Steven has a boat and that’s his love. Since he works full time, he goes boating almost every weekend.

 Here Is What ‘Visitors’ Are Saying About Mount Dora

  • Lauren and her girlfriends: “We just love the shops and there are so many places to eat and different kinds of food. It’s fun!”
  • Mary: “I’ve been coming here for the Craft Festival now for 17 years. It’s an oasis.”
  • Bill and Jane: “We come here for relaxation. We love to sit and watch the sunset by the lake. It’s just a comforting place to be.”
  • Brock and Shari, “We always have a lot of fun when we come here. The people are nice here – everyone we meet! It’s just an easy-going town and there’s always lots to do!”
  • Sam, a young boy of 10: “I want to see an alligator!”

Climate In Mount Dora

In Central Florida, the cooler months are from October through April with temperatures ranging from the mid-80s to the low 50s. Warmer temperatures are usually May through September with temperatures ranging from the highs around 94 and low 60s. And the highest frequency of lightning in the United States is in Florida.

It is well known that Florida has hurricanes, which are unpredictable, but being centrally located has its advantages. Florida’s hurricane season runs from June 1st through the end of November.

Mount Dora Homes For Sale

If you are interested in a Mount Dora, FL property, contact Corcoran Connect. This real estate agency is renowned in the region for its honest, timely, and adaptable service. Jeanine Corcoran and her team go above and beyond to help clients achieve their goals, and these happy and satisfied clients can attest to that.

Check out their official YouTube channel for free expert insights or better yet, call 407-953-9118 to organize a personalized consultation.

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