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What Are Real Estate Services?

What Are Real Estate Services

What Are Real Estate Services?

If you’ve ever worked with a real estate agent or broker, then you have likely engaged in some form of real estate service.

So, what are real estate services? Here are some common examples.

  • Home preparation. Home preparation refers to the general process of preparing your house for selling. This involves cleaning, managing repairs, and home staging.

Repairs, no matter how seemingly minor, should not be overlooked. This will help ensure that your home passes inspection with flying colors.

Buyers will also tend to bid less if they see that the house is a fixer-upper. Each ‘flaw’ they find becomes a reason to request for concessions.

  • Home staging. Home staging is when you showcase your home’s best assets in preparation for selling. The goal is to impress potential buyers and to sell the house faster, at the highest possible price.

Staging is different from decorating. The latter is an expression of your personal aesthetic. The former is a technique to make your home more appealing.

According to the 2019 Profile of Home Staging report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home staging increased the offer price by 1% to 5%, vis-à-vis similar un-staged homes. It also found that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the house as their future home, which then helps to sell homes faster.

Other Types Of Real Estate Services

  • Virtual staging. This is the process of creating realistic virtual images of homes for sale. This can include adding furniture to photos taken of the vacant home. Essentially, it’s the online version of home staging. This type of staging has a faster turnaround time and is cheaper compared to traditional staging. It is also more convenient for potential buyers, especially for those who are out of town or country.
  • Real estate appraisal. An appraisal is an estimate of the market value, based on several factors. It is conducted by an appraiser, who is a person trained and licensed to estimate the market value of a property. In Florida, a real estate appraiser must at least have a high school diploma or equivalent and must complete 103 hours of board-approved appraisal education. A real estate appraisal is used by mortgage lenders to assess whether the property’s market value is high enough to provide security for the loan.
  • Home inspection. During this process, the inspector will check the property’s current condition and safety. This will include the structure of the house and its internal systems.

The home inspection is usually arranged and paid for by the buyer. Based on the findings, the buyer can opt to renegotiate the price, request repairs, move to close the deal, or in some cases, cancel it altogether.

The seller can also arrange an inspection before listing their home on the market to increase the chances of a faster and higher-priced sale.

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