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Testimonial For Realtor In Harmony FL

Testimonial For Realtor In Harmony FL

Check Out This Testimonial For A Realtor In Harmony Florida

A testimonial for a realtor is one of the best ways to assess whether a prospective real estate agency is a perfect match for you. And when it comes to Jeanine Corcoran and her team at Corcoran Connect, you will find plenty of great realtor testimonials that highlight the outstanding quality of service they offer.

Here’s one from Patsy who is moving to Riverina, on Amelia Island, in North Florida. She recently sold her home in Harmony with the help of Jeanine.


This partnership is not the first time. It was also Jeanine who helped Patsy buy her home in Harmony, so this transaction came full circle for both parties.

In this client testimonial video, Patsy talks about her wonderful experience with Corcoran Connect. She shared that everything was easy – from start to finish. She also emphasized how Jeanine was not only concerned about closing a sale. She wanted to help Patsy find the perfect home, in both instances.

As she leaves one home and moves back to another, she expressed nothing but appreciation for how this transition has been made seamless by Jeanine and her team.

Moving can be a draining process – financially, physically, and emotionally.  Having the right realtor can make all the difference.

Patsy’s choice to go to Jeanine again when she decided to sell is a resounding testimonial for a real estate agent who has demonstrated the highest level of support and commitment.

Quick Tips: Selling Your Home In Florida

  • Get an agent. This is the easiest and most obvious tip for any seller. An agent gets your home more exposure and gives you the chance to list on the MLS. If you are not comfortable negotiating prices, your realtor can gladly take over that role for you. S/he will also be your go-to person for any technical questions that will inevitably come up. Always take the time to research client testimonials for realtors you are shortlisting.
  • Remember: It’s no longer your home; it’s a property for sale. This may seem a bit harsh but it’s a vital step in the process. Setting aside emotional attachment allows you to be objective about crucial decisions that you must make. It also helps you during clean-up and staging because you can look at things from the perspective of a buyer who will want to make it their home.
  • Don’t just look at the price when reviewing offers. That’s a major factor, of course. You should check if the offer is cash or financed, and if so, what type of financing it would be. How much is the earnest money deposit and the down payment? You should also look at the waiver of standard buyer inspections or any requests that are out of the ordinary. If you have an agent, consult with them about possible seller costs.

Read More Testimonials For This Real Estate Company

Florida is currently, and often, a seller’s market. This means that the demand is high, and the inventory is low, so you have the upper hand as a seller. But it does not mean that everything will automatically work out in your favor. You still need to put the work in. And you’ll need all the professional help you can get.

If you are in the market to sell, contact Corcoran Connect. They are not just a Harmony, FL real estate company. They also work in other prime Central Florida communities in areas like Lake Nona, Kissimmee, Mount Dora, and of course, Orlando.

You can read more testimonials from happy and loyal clients here. Or you can go ahead and book a personalized consultation by calling 407-953-9118 today.

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