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Broker Associate Bio Video For Kimberly Gamble

Broker Associate Bio Video For Kimberly Gamble

This Is The Broker Associate Bio Video For Kimberly Gamble Of Corcoran Connect.

Kimberly focuses on the Saint Cloud area but also represents Palm Harbor, Bradenton, and Lutz, Florida. Looking for a sure bet in real estate, then take a gamble. Listen in below to Kimberly's broker associate bio video or go to the source video to view.

She was born in Lowell, Ma which is outside of Boston. Kimberly grew up in Florida as her family moved down to here when she was little. Kim remembers she was around six or seven years old when her family moved to the Eastern side of Florida in Melbourne. This is where she grew up and she loved it.

Kimberly worked at a car dealership while living in Melbourne. She worked there for a decade and that is when she began going to real estate school. That was in 1999. During this time is when she made the decision to get her real estate license.

Her experience as an account payable clerk helped her be incredibly detailed with paperwork. She always made sure all her I’s were dotted and her T’s were crossed.

A Broker Associate With Over 20 Years Of Experience In Real Estate

Real estate is a common thread in Kimberly’s family. Her mom was in the business for 50 years and her brother for 25 years. Kimberly herself has been involved in real estate for 20 years. She remembers her mom looking at all the real estate magazines viewing all of the listings. This was before her mom even had a computer.

Kimberly said they did not have cell phones when she started in real estate, there were only pagers. When you were paged, people had to find a payphone and try to call them back. Technology has come a long way and now communicating has become very easy.

Kimberly has had experience with various kinds of families that she has been able to help. She has helped families having babies, or couples getting married and looking to upgrade. She has also helped families where their children are heading to college and now, they are downsizing.

Kimberly has also helped people who have lost a family member where they had to sell their house. There have been many circumstances that she has come across. She just loves to help people and enjoys nothing more than seeing how happy they are finding their dream home!

Osceola County Is A Great Place To Have A Real Estate Business

Kimberly has a routine of getting up each morning at the same time and working out. Then she jumps on her computer and starts working with her clients and driving around looking at homes. What she loves about Osceola County is its country-ness. She loves Rodeo Day and she loves that the local businesses will close for the day, the schools will shut down, and all the kids get to go enjoy this special day.

Many of these kids put in a lot of work throughout the year raising their calves or pigs to be able to sell them at Rodeo day. All the people contribute, the entire town, and she loves that. There just are not many towns that would do something like this, to get Rodeo Day off for the town and all the kids, that's just awesome.

Kimberly covers the Central Florida real estate market; however, she specializes in the following markets.

Saint Cloud, FL
Palm Harbor, FL
Bradenton, FL
Lutz, FL

She hopes you enjoyed her broker associate bio video. Reach out to her today for all your real estate needs, Kimberly would love to assist you. 

Corcoran Connect, LLC
1426 S Narcoossee Rd
Saint Cloud, FL 34771

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