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Broker Bio Video For Jeanine Corcoran

Jeanine Corcoran Broker Bio Video For The Corcoran Connection

This Is Jeanine Corcoran's Broker Bio Video, She Is The Owner And Broker of Corcoran Connect.

She serves the small town of Harmony as well as Saint Cloud, Lake Nona, Davenport, and Orlando, Florida. You can view her broker bio video above or visit the source video here. Jeanine was raised in Edgewater, New Jersey. She is the second youngest of ten children. She has memories of her Dad when she was young was him telling stories of how horrible his boss was. So, Jeanine grew up thinking it would be a bad idea to have a boss and that it would be best to work for herself. Those memories made a strong impression that to be successful, one must be an entrepreneur.

Most of my brothers and sisters are entrepreneurs. Most notably my sister Barbara Corcoran is on the popular show, Shark Tank. Jeanine admires her sister Barbara for all that she has accomplished. It provides her the drive to see her sister, a family member she loves being able to create something extraordinary from nothing.

Transitioning From The Restaurant Industry To Real Estate

Jeanine worked in a restaurant before starting her career in real estate. She started as a hostess, then to serving tables, and eventually to floor manager. She loved that job and wanted all three of her children to work in a restaurant early in life because she thinks everybody should.

She carried her experience in the restaurant business right into real estate. Jeanine said there are similarities in that the customers you meet are either purchasing or selling. Real estate is a large transaction for them. It's not exactly the same as what I did in the restaurant business, however, the end result is the same. If people are provided good service and you're there to guide them, they receive the same result. That means in the end, your customers are happy.

When Jeanine started her own business in real estate, it was coming from a place of pain. She had gone through a bad divorce, leaving her and her youngest. Seeing herself as a single mother and raising a teenager was very scary to her at the time. She made the decision at that point in her life to no longer work for a company and to do it on her own.

Jeanine’s Reflects On Her Mother Being A Woman Of Strong Faith

Jeanine remembers her mother having as much influence on her as her Dad. Her mother was very kind and a woman of strong faith. When a person has faith, they don’t worry, it is truly the most wonderful thing in the world. Jeanine had already hit bottom, and being full of faith that no longer scared her.

She met her husband 7 years ago and they’ve been married for five years. She said it is a wonderful thing to be married to someone who supports her 110% and that is what Bill does. He himself has been licensed for several years now, and it is great to have that kind of support. It is a nice balance that they provide each other.

Jeanine is very competitive. The real estate market on its own provides enough pressure and being the owner of a real estate company puts even more pressure on her. Corcoran Connect has two offices, one in Saint Cloud and one in Mount Dora, Florida. Jeanine’s goal is for all of her real estate agents to be as successful as her and she has a system to do just that.

The Goal Of Each Real Estate Closing; Making Sure The Client Is Happy

When Jeanine goes to a closing, whether representing a seller or a buyer, and the client is happy, that makes her happy. When her clients tell her that she changed their lives that makes it all worth it and that’s what she wants to hear. She believes that when she’s helping people, being kind and making a difference in their lives, then good things happen.

Jeanine covers the Central Florida real estate market; however, she specializes in the following real estate markets.

Harmony, FL
Saint Cloud, FL
Lake Nona, FL
Davenport, FL
Orlando, FL

Reach out to Jeanine today if you enjoyed her broker bio video, she would love to guide and assist you with all of your real estate needs.

Corcoran Connect, LLC
1426 S Narcoossee Rd
Saint Cloud FL 34771

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