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Are You Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

Are You Thinking Of Selling Your Home

Here’s A Question You Might Be Considering Right Now: Are You Thinking Of Selling Your Home?

If you have been thinking about selling your home, here’s an interesting update: According to a report, there is currently a high demand for houses in Florida. Inventory is down 27% compared to last year. For home sellers, this means an upper hand when it comes to negotiating prices.

So, are you thinking of selling your home?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ you’ll definitely want a copy of this new real estate book by Michael Ault, a broker of Corcoran Connect. In this new video, Jeanine Corcoran talks to Michael about his free real estate book entitled ‘Secrets For Selling Homes Others Failed To Sell.’

Despite the title, the book is for all types of home sellers. It has field-tested and proven effective tips for people who want to get their house on the real estate market. It’s an easy-to-digest primer that offers unique insights from an experienced broker, backed by one of Central Florida’s top real estate companies.

Professional Tips For Selling Your Home: Get Started Now

  • Invest in strategic repairs. The Florida real estate market is competitive, so you want to make sure your property is impeccable. Wear and tear are inevitable, but you don’t want it to show. Don’t skimp on a fresh coat of paint or repair costs for leaky faucets or jammed doors. Think of it as an investment. You can negotiate a better price if your house looks good as new.
  • Get started on moving ASAP. It’s a long process, physically and often, emotionally too. Pack away something each day to avoid getting overwhelmed by the task. You can leave some for staging, but most personal items should be stored.  
  • Consider the season. You’ll find that those who sell during fall and winter have less competition. During spring and summer, more buyers are out and about. And those with school-aged kids are keen to settle down straight away.

Check out our previous blog post for more home seller tips.

What To Expect In 2021?

Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, it is expected to be a promising year for sellers in the Sunshine State. Data from Florida Realtors indicates that there has been an increase in single-family home sales in July, by up to 11.7%. This can be attributed to low mortgage rates and the “pent up demand” from spring.

Property prices are also expected to increase next year. The median prices for single-family homes and condo-townhouses have both increased compared to last year. This is due to low inventory and high demand.

Fannie Mae’s (Federal National Mortgage Association) chief economist also predicted that existing home sales will continue to grow in 2021 because “anything that the builders are building today gets sold.”

If these trends continue, the Florida property market is shaping up to be a seller’s market in 2021.

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