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Harmony Community Garden: A New Episode In The Love Harmony Florida Series

Harmony Community Garden

Did You Know That Harmony, Florida Residents Can Grow Their Own Produce At The Harmony Community Garden?

The Harmony Community Garden is a shared garden space where residents can grow and care for their own produce. And in this new video for Love Harmony, Florida, Corcoran Connect founder Jeanine Corcoran talks about this beloved community garden.

Love Harmony, Florida is a series that highlights the joys of living in this small town. As a proud resident herself, Jeanine takes viewers on a virtual trip to this green community.

Let’s zoom in on our virtual Harmony, Florida map, and explore yet another reason to love this Central Florida paradise.

The Harmony Community Garden: Bringing To Life The Promise Of Sustainability

Harmony is a walkable community so you will not have trouble with Harmony Community Garden directions. Like most places in this town, it’s a short walk from the Town Square. In the garden, you will find various pot sizes. This allows the residents to grow as much or as little as they want. All they have to do is contact their community manager to sign up.

The community garden is one way that Harmony promotes sustainability and healthy living. Aside from being good for the environment, gardening and planting also support overall health. It calms the mind and boosts self-esteem.

It encourages more frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially among kids.  Instead of purchasing pre-packed produce, Harmony residents can grow their own and enjoy the process. Many residents come here as a family. Gardening is a great way to introduce children to the joys and benefits of green living.

And because you have to visit the garden on a regular basis, it also promotes camaraderie among neighbors. The community garden creates a space for bonding. It encourages residents to nurture, not just their plants, but also their friendships.

Communal spaces, like gardens and parks, have a huge impact on a community’s quality of life. One study suggested that “greening” (picking up trash and cutting the grass) vacant lots helped curb violence in poor neighborhoods in a major U.S. metropolis by nearly 30%.

Harmony Community Parks And More

In addition to the community garden, Harmony has plenty of parks that are easily accessible for jogging or cycling. The largest is Lakeshore Park which stretches along the south shore of Buck Lake. It has a covered playground, a soccer field, a basketball court, and walking trails, among other amenities. There is also a park for dogs, which includes a dog wash.

Residents can also go on a picnic near Cat Lake or host an outdoor event with a picturesque view. Harmony has community-owned boats and kayaks which can be used to explore Buck Lake. And if you like long walks, you will love the 12.5 miles of walking trails throughout this community. Many of these lead to the town’s nature preserves.

Discover The Natural Beauty Of Harmony

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For more information about the Harmony Community Garden or Harmony itself, visit our website. Or give us a call today. We’d love to help you!

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