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Why Home Inspections Are Important

why home inspections are important

If You’re Planning To Purchase Property, It’s Important To Understand Why Home Inspections Are Important To The Process

Here’s why home inspections are important. The main reason why is because it protects you. From what, you ask?

For starters, it protects you and your family from safety hazards like radon or molds. The inspector’s job is to assess the physical condition of the house. This gives you an idea of potential issues that you may have to deal with down the line.

A home inspection also protects you from committing to a major and long-term financial decision. If you are buying a foreclosed residential property, you need to ensure that it is in livable condition.

An inspection will reveal the structural condition of the plumbing and heating systems, among others. This can help you manage your budget and assess the type of insurance coverage you will need. You can also use the results of an inspection as a negotiating chip. This applies if you find areas that need repair. You can request for a cost reduction or for the seller to shoulder some of the cost of fixing it.

An inspection can also confirm which homes were built according to code. Think that extra room downstairs is a ‘bonus’? Think again. It may have been built without the proper permit. And if you end up buying the house, it may become your problem. And a costly one at that.

Purchasing a home is an investment. And just like any other investment, you want to be fully informed of what you are investing in before closing the deal.

What Will The Inspector Check?

  • Cracks or damaged sidings on the walls
  • Grading
  • Roof installation (Gutters, shingles, mastic around vents)
  • Garage (Garage door, framing, ventilation, and position of the water heater if placed in the same area)
  • Plumbing (faucets, showers, leaks, water pressure, water shutoff valve)
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Bathrooms (Leaks, ventilation, toilets)
  • Electrical (Wiring, outlets, electrical panel, outlets)
  • Fire safety (Smoke detectors, fire rating)
  • Laundry room (Ventilation)

It is important to note that you may require a specialist inspector for specific issues like pest control, plumbing, and engineering issues.

Keep in mind: The point of the inspection is not to be the final basis of whether you buy or not. It’s to give you a clearer picture of what to expect and how much you’ll need to make it the dream home you want it to be. It’s also to give you peace of mind. The last thing you want after moving in is to be surprised by issues that could have been checked and resolved earlier.

Looking At Luxury Homes In Central Florida? We Can Help

Aside from helping you look at homes best suited to your needs, we can also help you with a home inspection. If you have questions about the process and if you need a referral to a reputable inspector, we can assist you. When you work with us, there is no need to Google ‘home inspections near me.’ We will guide you through the process as part of our service.

What sets us apart is our unique understanding of the local real estate market. We live and work here. And we are committed to helping you find your home in the Sunshine State, whether it’s for investment or as a primary residence.

Ready to find your dream home? Contact us now.

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