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Things To Know When Buying A House In Florida

Things To Know When Buying A House In Florida

Looking At The Central Florida Real Estate Market Then Here Are Things To Know When Buying A House in Florida

Purchasing property is a major financial decision, especially in a prime market like Central Florida. What are the things to know when buying a house in Florida?

  • Location, location, location. Whether you’re buying a house to live in or as an investment, location matters. For residential property, you’d want to look at homes near the essentials—hospital, schools and retail centers, to name a few. You’d also want to consider easy access to public transport or major roads and highways.
  • For an investment property, the location of your home determines how soon you can earn a return on your investment. It also dictates your market. If you invest in luxury homes by the beach or with a seaside view, your target market would most likely be tourists or retirees.
  • If you opt for more accessible housing, you should consider purchasing property closer to universities or business districts. This will attract students, school staff, and young professionals.
  • Rental strategy. For an investment property, you need to decide whether you want it rented long-term or listed for short-term vacation rental (aka Airbnb). This will depend on your property’s location and your timeline for return on investment.
  • Real estate agency. Working with local real estate agents who know the ins and outs of the market can make a whole lot of difference. Buying a home is not always a straightforward transaction. Getting professional help ensures you don’t miss any important step in the process.

Additional Pointers Before House Shopping In Florida

Buying a house is not just about being able to afford it. Also crucial to the process are decisions you must make along the way.

  • Property survey. Obtaining a survey of your property gives you a better understanding of your perimeter. This is valuable information; in case you have to deal with a boundary dispute or any other sort of legal obligation. It can also identify underground waterways. This can affect construction plans and your property’s value.
  • Insurance. For starters, you’ll need title insurance and homeowner’s insurance. The former is a type of insurance that protects you (or the lender) from prior rights or claims and from unpaid debt that other people may have on the property. The latter is not actually required in Florida. But mortgage lenders often require it as part of your contract with them. A regular policy will cover structural damage caused by fire, storm or leaks, and loss of property from theft.
  • Inspections. If you can, hire a professional for a comprehensive inspection of your property. But you can opt to focus on a particular issue like termites or specific parts of the house like the roof. You should also check for health hazards in your area or in your new home, especially if it’s an old property.

Other factors to consider include permits for modifications, closing costs, and taxes. A reliable agent should be able to guide you through the process, especially the complex technicalities.

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