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6 Emotional Stages of Losing Your Home - What Stage Are You In?

When I was losing my home back in 2009, I didn't realize that my own experiences would later come to help other people as they go through the emotions of losing their home.  It was then that I decided to put the 6 emotional stages of losing your home on paper to help people realize that what stage they were in was normal.  It is somewhat similar to grieving but in this case it is grieving the loss of your home.

Stage 1 talks about it being decision time.  For me, this was the hardest stage to go through!  Stage 2 brings up that frustration and anger you feel mostly towards the bank and not being able to work out something like a loan modification.  Stage 3 was the education and confusion stage!  Just trying to figure out what to do.  Stage 4 was the stage of action and clarity.  Seeing the light!  Stage 5 was the bankruptcy stage which brought more confusion.  Lastly, was Stage 6.  The Freedom Stage and rebuilding stage.

No matter what stage you might be in, this link will bring you to a pamphlet that was written by me and goes into more depths about the 6 emotional stages of losing your home and it will help you understand what stage you are in.

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