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Top 3 Reasons to Move to Central Florida

These top 3 reasons to move to Central Florida are as fresh in my mind and heart as if I was just moving to Central Florida like I did in 1987!  It came to me on a Saturday afternoon when my husband and I decided to get away for the weekend to the beach.  As I was sitting on the beach, and I was watching and listening to waves crashing, that I decided to do a live video on Facebook about the top 3 reasons to move to Central Florida.

So number one is being close enough to drive to the beach.  In Florida, we have so many beautiful beaches both on the East coast of Florida and the West Coast of Florida.  It is the only state that you can be on the East Coast for the sunrise and drive to the West Coast of Florida and see the sunset!  What's better than that?

Number two top reason to move to Central Florida is our school system.  Orange and Osceola County Schools are top rated schools and are highly competitive with technology.  They are on top of their game!  

Number three reason to move to Central Florida is our Florida weather.  There is nothing better than our Central Florida weather especially in the winter when it is cold up North and we are having 70 degree weather in January and February.  There is nothing like it.  Sunshine and fresh air.  These are my top 3 reasons to move to Central Florida.

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