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Don't Do These Things When Selling Your Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, don't do these things when selling your home. 

1.  Sellers, don't ignore the curb appeal when selling your home.  

If you were going on a date, would you show up looking frumpy and not showered maybe even showing up in sweat pants?  I don't think so!  First impressions are important.  So pressure the house and the windows.  Spruce up the garden by getting rid of the weeds.  Make it look pretty and inviting to the buyer.

2.  Don't leave your stuff out.

Get rid of the clutter!  Clutter and personal photos do not appeal to the buyers.

3.  Don't stay in the home for showings.

Staying in the home while the buyers are there make the buyers feel very uncomfortable so please give them alone time to view your home.

4.  Don't let BAD odors linger

So what's a bad odor?  There are pet odors, cooking from the night before, cigarette or cigar smoke.  Get rid of all the smells.  Clean your carpets, clean your curtains, clean the inside of the window, blinds and don't forget to clean the walls.

These are the most important things NOT to do when selling your home.  

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