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Corcoran - Questions About Being an Entrepreneur - Part Three

This is the part three about being a Corcoran and the owner of Corcoran Connect.  I wanted to share with you a recent interview by James Norwood, a college student and it was so nice to talk about family members that affected my decision in opening my business.  My sister Barbara Corcoran played a big roll in helping me decide.  Here are the next few questions:

6.  Have you considered an exit plan for your business (selling, passing it down to relatives, etc)? yes, of course.  I don’t think I’ll ever exit and always be somewhat involved.  Since my three children have no interest, I’m working on my grandchildren!  My eight (8) year old granddaughter just learned what a landlord was the other day when she came with me to show a property! My twelve (12) year old granddaughter rode with me on my golf cart right after the hurricane came through so I can check on all of the tenants and properties that I was managing.  I did ask her if she might like to do this one day and she said “No!”

7.  What do you feel are the extra steps you take to satisfy your customers? This is a big one!  I’m real.  God gave me the gift of caring and I truly care about people.  I won’t make a sale just to make a sale.  If it’s not right for someone, I’ll tell them.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I wasn’t honest and caring.  Also, communication.  My customers always comment on the way my staff and I communicated through the whole process.  Keeping in contact with sellers and buyers once the transaction is closed.  I appreciate all the new people I get to meet and I really enjoy keeping in touch and hearing about what is going on in their lives.   I also like going above and beyond the sale. One story that happened recently, was I had a single mom move from Kansas with five (5) children.  She was planning on arriving late at night.  Given this fact, I went to the grocery store and filled her refrigerator and pantry with food so when they arrived they had something to eat.  She was truly moved!

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