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Corcoran - Questions About Being an Entrepreneur - Part Two

This is the part two about being a Corcoran and the owner of Corcoran Connect.  I wanted to share with you a recent interview by James Norwood, a college student and it was so nice to talk about family members that affected my decision in opening my business.  My sister Barbara Corcoran played a big roll in helping me decide.  Here are the next few questions:

3.  What was your planning process when preparing to open the business? Did you prepare a business plan?  I am actually embarrassed to say, I did not make a formal business plan.  I had plenty of ideas that I wrote down on how I wanted things to run, but no written plan.  Though I do agree with writing a business plan, and I did do one years later.  I know several people that  get stuck for years in the planning stage and never make the move!  I was afraid if I didn’t do it when I had the courage, I might not have pushed forward.

4.  What is your philosophy about marketing your business? I believe that marketing, especially in my industry is the major key to being a successful business.  My husband Bill majored in marketing and that has been so helpful.  My sister Barbara’s strongest asset is marketing—something that came natural to her.

5.  What are the strengths and weaknesses about the location of your business? My original location was in downtown Orlando and only because when I first started out I was doing more short sales because that was what our real estate market was at that time.  I dealt with a lot of downtown Orlando attorneys so my location needed to be there.  Now with the growth in the Lake Nona area and Harmony area (where I live), we found a great location on Narcoossee Road which is between both of those areas and that’s a strength.  The weakness is that I don’t own it – yet!

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