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Corcoran - Questions About Being an Entrepreneur - Part One

I don’t usually blog about this kind of stuff but being a Corcoran and the owner of Corcoran Connect, I thought I’d share with you a recent happening.  I was just interviewed by James Norwood, a college student and it was so nice to talk about family members that affected my decision in opening my business. My sister Barbara Corcoran played a big roll in helping me decide.  Here are the first couple of questions

  1. How have you been affected by your ethics in setting up your business? Having good ethics is huge.  Moral ethics in doing the right thing and work ethics in always working hard and staying focused on what you want the outcome to be.  This plays a big part in what keeps me going.
  2. How did any family members affect your decision in opening this business? I’d have to say I was influenced by a few members of my family including my parents who were alive at the time.  Out of the ten (10) siblings, seven (7) of us are entrepreneurs!  Mom and dad were very encouraging and always helped build our confidence—“you can do it” kind of attitude. There were three (3) siblings that influenced and encouraged me during the process of opening my own business.  First, my sister Ellen, who is ten (10) years older than I, who has always been a mom-like figure to me. Her support and kind words helped me believe in myself and not let doubt surface in my brain—we are our worst enemy!   Second, my brother T, who is eight (8) years older than I, whom I worked for back in the 80’s when he owned a catering business.  He’s always been a business owner, so many of our conversations were about employees and business strategies and how to navigate and understand these areas.  His advice was invaluable! And lastly, my sister Barbara, who is thirteen (13) years older than I, from ABC’s Shark Tank.  Her unstoppable way she approaches everything in life was just so inspiring to me.  The fact I have a sibling who started out in the same type of business, is unbelievably helpful.  No need to explain to her how the business works!  And to hear her tell her stories of when she started out is priceless!!  I never get tired of hearing them.  If I hit a road block, Barb always has a solution within seconds!  

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