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First Impressions – Seven Helpful Tips to Remember

When preparing to sell your home, remember first impressions as seen by the buyers are most important and sets the tone for their whole viewing experience. When a buyer is walking towards your home, he/she is already asking ‘could I live here?’ You, as the seller, need to do everything you can to ensure the buyer says yes to that question! Follow these seven helpful tips to make a great first impression:

  1. Landscaping. Your lawn, flower beds and hedges should be trimmed and look healthy. Adding new mulch and fresh flowers help with curb appeal.
  2. Walkway. The walkway should be inviting. Be sure it is clean. Pressure wash or paint your walkway to make it clean and bright.
  3. Flower Pots. Consider adding large potted flowers near the front door and a new welcome mat. This helps your entrance look cheerful.
  4. Clutter. Be sure to remove all clutter near the entrance. Get rid of empty plant pots, toys or any other items that don’t belong.
  5. Exterior Lighting. Exterior lighting must be in good shape and clean. Replace lighting if necessary and consider adding lighting to enhance flower beds and/or walkways.
  6. Windows. Be sure to clean all of your windows until they sparkle.
  7. Front Door. Think about giving your front door a new coat of paint and replacing the hardware to make it appear as appealing as possible. You want the buyer to feel welcome.

Your main goal for making a great first impression is to make your property appealing and inviting to the buyer and to show you care about your home. By taking the time to follow these seven tips is the first step to getting the buyer to fall in love with your home. Then when they ask themselves ‘could I live here’ the answer will be undoubtedly YES!

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