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Why Home Inspections Are Important

why home inspections are important


If You’re Planning To Purchase Property, It’s Important To Understand Why Home Inspections Are Important To The Process.


Here’s why home inspections are important. The main reason why is because it protects you. From what, you ask?


For starters, it protects you and your family from safety hazards like radon or molds. The inspector’s job [...]

Why is a Home Inspection so Important to the Buyer?

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Join Monique Morgan and David Diaz from Budget Home Inspections as they discuss the importance of the Home Inspection.  An inspection is an evaluation of the general condition of the home at the time of the inspection.    David will enlighten the viewer with his expertise on how an inspection is completed.  He will highlight the viewer on just a few things the inspector looks for when completing the inspection.  For Foreign Buyers or Out of State Buyers an Inspector is your assurance that the home is in good working condition and that any faults in the home can be addressed with the seller. Enjoy this video and  if you are looking to buy or sell  property in Central Florida or would like more information contact me, I will be happy to help you ?? +1-321-443-5328 or moniqueGmorgan@gmail.com