Palm Island Boardwalk

Palm Island Boardwalk

The Palm Island Boardwalk is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding. This quarter-mile-long walkway offers scenic views of Lake Dora and the surrounding area. You can also spot birds and gators, and there's even a 35-foot-high lighthouse that was built in 1988. You can visit the place at 411 S Tremain St, Mt Dora, FL 32757. For an intimate wedding, make arrangements with the Mount Dora Parks and Recreation Department to have the ceremony at the historic site. 

A unique way to enjoy the Palm Island Boardwalk is to ride a Segway Personal Transport. This tour, offered by Glide Adventure Tours, takes you off-road through the park and onto the boardwalk. It's one of the top Mount Dora activities and the #1 ranked tour on TripAdvisor. The tour is rated five stars and has numerous reviews. There are several options available to get on a Segway, but this is the most popular option.

There are many ways to experience the Palm Island Boardwalk. Segway Personal Transport is an exciting way to experience the boardwalk on an off-road vehicle. This is one of the top Mount Dora activities and the second-best-rated tour on TripAdvisor. Customers give this ride a five-star review. For more information about the Segway Personal Transport tour, contact Glide Adventure Tours at (407) 349-6693. A fantastic place to visit.

Another unique way to enjoy the Palm Island Boardwalk is on a Segway Personal Transport. This is one of the most popular Mount Dora activities and is ranked #2 on Tripadvisor. With over 100 five-star reviews, Glide Adventure Tours is a top recommendation. If you're looking for something unique and fun, don't wait any longer. Embark on an adventure! With the Palm Islands Boardwalk, you'll have an unforgettable experience.

The Palm Island Boardwalk offers a variety of experiences, including the Segway Personal Transport. Guests can ride a Segway on a bike or on a Segway, which is an off-road vehicle, and get a unique perspective of Lake Dora. In addition, a Segway Personal Transport ride is the #2 ranked Mount Dora activity on Tripadvisor. It has received over 1 million 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor.

Another popular Mount Dora activity is the Segway Personal Transport. This is the only way to experience the boardwalk in a unique way. Glide Adventure Tours' Segway tours take guests on an off-road Segway through the marsh. The tour is one of the top Mount-Dora activities on Tripadvisor, and it's ranked #2 on Trip Advisor among all Mount Dora tours.

For a romantic sunset, you can stroll along the Palm Island Boardwalk. The park is open daily from 7 am to sunset and offers picnic facilities. You can also bring your dog to enjoy the ambiance of this family-friendly park. The palm island boardwalk in Mount Dora is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages. You can find a romantic ambiance at a variety of local restaurants and bars. Find out more.