Monument of States

Monument of States

Located at 300 E Monument Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741, the Monument of States was designed as a symbol of American unity after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The stone donated by people all over the world and volunteers who came to St. Cloud to help build the statue was a perfect fit for the location. President Franklin D. Roosevelt even contributed a rock. It's an impressive piece of artwork and a great place to visit.

In the beginning, the Monument of States was a major attraction for tourists. However, it fell into disrepair after Disney World opened. Many other states and countries sent stones to the area to be included in the monument, and the monument was slowly deteriorating after sixty years. But in 2001, the American Automobile Association stepped in to repair the monument and add a new flag and time capsule to mark the anniversary of the United States' founding. Today, the refurbished Monument of State's history will be a popular place for residents of the surrounding community to celebrate the anniversary.

The Monument of States was built in 1943 and was intended to represent American unity after World War II. It is a great piece of folk art in St. Cloud, a small town in Osceola County. The entire project was completed by volunteers, including hundreds of local citizens and businesses. The obelisk was installed in the monument 11 years ago. The Washington Post reported that more than fifty Confederate monuments have been built in Florida since the end of the war.

The Monument of States is the town's official symbol of unity, and the city is proud of it. It was a popular tourist attraction prior to the Disney World opening. After the resort was built, the monument began to decay. The monument received stones from other states and even foreign countries. After more than 60 years, it was crumbling and was not able to support the new flag. But in 2001, the American Automobile Association rededicated the monument and placed a time capsule in the back of the plaque.

The Monument of States was a major tourist attraction before and after the opening of Disney World. It was a symbol of American unity before and after the war. Its restoration is a testament to the civic pride of the city and its citizens. The Museum of States also represents the history of St. Cloud. If you are visiting St.Cloud, you should definitely have a look at the monument. And don't miss the time capsule!

The Monument of States was put up in 2000. It lists the names of veterans in the county of Osceola and also includes quotes from Confederate generals and the Confederate battle flag. While it was never meant to be a political symbol, it is a powerful symbol of the American people. In the city of St. Cloud, FL, it is possible to see the monument and the history of the town.