Hidden Waters Preserve

Hidden Waters Preserve

The Hidden Waters Preserve is an eight-acre conservation area with hiking trails and an elevated boardwalk. There are several benches and picnic tables for you to relax in. The preserve is open from dawn until dusk. It's also near popular local restaurants and shops. You can visit the preserve at 2010 Abrams Rd, Eustis, FL 32726. There are a number of ways to get there from the city. Additional information.

The Hidden Waters Preserve is located on Country Club Road in Eustis. The trails offer views of the lake and the sinkhole. The terrain is varied and there are wildlife encounters along the way. Hikers can hike along the Lake Alfred Trail or the Ravine Trail. There are several hiking trails in Hidden Woods. You can find the trailhead at 2010 Abrams Road. It is open to the public and free of charge.

The hikes at Hidden Waters Preserve Mount Dora are well-marked and make for a great afternoon. The hiking trails wind through small rolling hills and past a pond and hidden creek. You'll likely see gopher tortoises and other interesting wildlife. You can even enjoy a stroll or a picnic by the lake. If you don't like hiking, there are many other activities in Mount Dora.

Whether you want to walk or bike the trails, Hidden Waters Preserve is an excellent option. The reserve offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The area around Lake Alfred is home to the 35-foot lighthouse, which was dedicated on March 25, 1988. The park also offers beautiful views of Mount Dora's lake and its surrounding areas. Visiting this natural area is a great way to get some exercise.

The Hidden Waters Preserve is a beautiful nature reserve in Mount Dora, FL. Located on Country Club Road, this nature preserve features small rolling hills, a large pond, and a small waterfall. You'll see a variety of wildlife, including gopher tortoises and water birds. It is also home to the largest sinkhole in the area. It is also a popular location for families and children.

Hidden Waters Preserve is a nature preserve in Mount Dora, FL. Its trails take you through a sinkhole, hidden waterfall, and interesting terrain. This nature preserve is located near Country Club Road and is a great place to enjoy a relaxing day out. It's a wonderful place to go hiking and to walk the trails in Mount Dora. The location is a wonderful spot to visit for all seasons. More info on the local area.

Hidden Waters Preserve is a great place to enjoy a nature-based hike. It's located in Mount Dora FL and is open to the public from dawn to dusk. The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida runs the preserve and has a website with all of the information about the preserve. If you're planning a visit to the nature preserve, we encourage you to check it out.